Why So Many Conferences???

Reader, the summer conferences,conventions and workshops season is well and truly under way. Church numbers are dwindling more and more. Pews are empty, and many churches struggle to keep their doors open. Christian organizations hold conferences after conferences and give workshops on everything under the sun.  In the last couple of years I've witness the Christian Conference circuit becoming more and more of a joke and a hustle. I'm thinking, if you have a financial need don't put on a conference or use the things of God so you can pay your bills. BUT, if you get blessed for preaching, putting on a conference after God has led you to do it then that's different. But if you engage the things of God for the sole purpose of getting money/filthy lucre sake then your motivation is wrong and God is not pleased.

This is interesting, I see where, Bishop George Bloomer has Partnership with The Light 103.9 Presents "The Relationship Clinic" July 28th at 6PM at The Raleigh Convention Center. With Special Guests Best Selling Author Bishop George Bloomer, The Light 103.9 Celebrity Radio Host Melissa Wade, General Manager and Celebrity Radio Host of The Light 103.9 Jerry Smith, Grammy and Stellar Award Winning Tina Campbell of Mary Mary and various local sponsors.

This event will provide powerful insight in all facets of relationship. Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Re-Marrage. Love, Partnership and Forgiveness and all those things in Between. Along with an empowering "Sing & Say Session" with Tina Campbell discussing infidelity, forgiveness and maintaining the Partnership God has given you in Marriage. Dont Miss this Life Changing Event!! REGISTER TODAY!!!! SEATING IS LIMITED......


  1. There was a time when people attended conferences at real churches and not convention centers. Pastors should ask themselves if they are equipping members to live their faith practically and whether or not members should attend conferences. If I were a pastor, I would do everything in my power to provide empowerment ministry in my local church without sending people to conferences. It is not fair to the pastors dealing with empty pews when these church conferences roll into town. Churches should be able to provide workshops on finances, relationships, parenting, etc. This is definitely a hustle and it just need to stop period. Case in point: Meanest. T.D. Jakes could host the conference at Potter's House WITHOUT all the red carpet foolishness. Manpower Woman Thou Art Loosed can use their main sanctuary and then use the family life center for youth/kid activities. This can culminate in a free festival to all who live in Dallas. There is a cost but it is much cheaper than having it in Atlanta. Plus, you keep the focus on empowerment and not these crazy sessions he is known for. In other words, keep Christ at the center of the event. Sadly, black Christians feel their next breakthrough is at someone's conference.

    1. Yes sir Johnny. I got so tired of playing at these big time conferences. It was just destiny and favor alll the time and no results with folks still in sin. Speaking of Jakes. I'll say it.. don't care. He was walking behind us with his body guards in the back lobby. You would've thought Jesus was walking thru there. It was ridiculous. This was way back in the day before I woke up and saw stuff that just wasn't God. Anyway, it's all emotional hype to get the people hyped up and excited. I mean minimum of $10k if I'm not mistaken... you kidding me? One night? And the pastor I played for got a discount for Jakes.. lol. Anyway.. Yes a man is worthy of his hire, but it's getting ridiculous and it's just getting worse. smh.

  2. As P. Diddy once stated.

    All you have to do is
    Update some recycled materials,
    Give it a catchy name and slogan.
    Rent out a hotel space for the weekend,
    Get your Armor bearers to serve & setup for free,
    Cater it to people who already worship the ground you walk on,
    And TADA.
    You have an extra couple dollars in spending money in your pocket. (TAX FREE)

  3. conference after conference after conference. A person could go broke trying to attend them all!!


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