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A Shelter Require Homeless Women To Attend Megachurch And Tithe!!

Reader this is a doggone shame, a homeless woman says a shelter required her to attend Church of the Highlands, even though a church where she was a member was about a block away.
A women's shelter in Birmingham requires all residents to board a
van and attended worship services at the Woodlawn branch of the Church of the Highlands each Sunday. They're not given the option to attend any other church. They're also required to tithe every week, despite being homeless.


Stay Out Of The Clubs(Gay or straight) – BY: G. CRAIGE LEWIS!

Reader controversial Minister G.Craige Lewis has set off a firestorm with his latest post. Stay out of the clubs(Gay or straight). Stay out of parties that celebrate and glorify perversion, lust, sex, and intoxication. Stay away from situations that could bring swift judgement upon you. In other words, like the bibles states clearly, don't entertain evil.

I understand what is being said here, this is not an issue of it being a gay club as much as it is a club period. It’s just not a lifestyle any of us should practice as believers and we should always continue to preach against clubbing and indulging in sinful atmospheres that we as believers should not be found in. What are your thoughts?

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  1. I must say this is the one time I'll say G.Craige is kinda off. We can leave this world anywhere. Just ask the innocent one's in church at the South Carolina shooting. I know one thing, that I wouldn't want to die in homosexual club or any club for that matter! I'll choose church any day. Just saying.

    1. Timezone I agree with you on this one. This article is wrong, because "one" there has been video footage released of the attack. One of the deceased victims was recording a snapchat video when the shooting began. People need to stop with this craziness and pray for the victims and their families.

  2. What a shameful article to write while families are mourning their loved ones! Terrorists attack anywhere and for any reason that they can dream yup. This is why I have always been skeptical of this guy and his over the top "Christianity"

  3. Betty Sue Woods:Thursday, 16 June, 2016

    So what is G.Craige Lewis saying? Is he saying the club got shot up because of sin. Somebody walked into a church and did the same thing, so what is he really saying?

  4. Wow,so according to Lewis they brought it on themselves?

    1. Anonymous,I don't really think he's saying they deserved to die at all... but making a point that being in a specific place as a believer where the atmosphere is conducive for anything to take place.... no where in this article do I read where he said they brought this on themselves or they deserved to die becuz they were in a club... correct me If I'm wrong... but most times with the music and drinking and drugs, it can be breeding grounds for tragedy... and on the other hand there is a conspiracy that the government is behind... and thee agenda behind gun rights being taken away/martial law and gay rights being promoted more is what I believe the writer was trying to point out. There are too many events that have taken place that our government is behind to put ppl in fear to promote an agenda and we fall for it.... that's all... that's what I got...

  5. I get what he is saying. Anytime you put yourself in a sinful place or situation, you have to be prepared for the consequences that may come. The wages of sin is death, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. God tells us to preach and teach the gospel to the sinner, but we don't have to do what the sinner does to do so.

  6. Trust me, I'll keep playing the Truth Behind Hip Hop series DVD's, I understand where G Craige is trying to go...but he should've waited on these comments. Especially as fresh as this tragedy is. Check this out! Ya'll remember Brian Carn saying there wasn't enough Holy Ghost discernment at the Charleston Shooting?!! Yep. Here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxAAhmhSZNM

    1. What's crazy, is when you try to remove your eyes and thoughts from Carn's flaws on missing prophecies left and right and grabbing predictions from witches, lol, he's kinda making a point on the Charleston thing. Just saying...


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