Should Young People (under 25) Be Bishops, Apostles?

Reader, the following question was a asked by Dr. Ricky Dillard via Facebook: Should Young People (under 25) Be Bishops, Apostles? Why or why not? What say ye?  The awesome comment below is from one of the many comments that were posted. What's your thoughts? Should young people be bishops are apostles?

"ABSOLUTELY NOT! Yes, many are called by God at young ages but that does not give individuals a license to jump into roles that I believe require maturity and wisdom. Besides, as a Bishop or an Apostle, there is something called Credibility! There are requirements to be a Bishop, there is a process, and most of all it’s not a spiritual appointment. God called some to be Evangelist, Teachers, Pastors, Prophets, and Apostles it says nothing about Bishops. The office of a Bishop is a governmental office it is a desired office, it takes three Bishops to make one Bishop and in most cases, they must meet the qualifications that are required for his/her process to be complete. God sanctions and honors the office/individual. It’s Almost like being a President, or Senator. What president or Senator do you know that is under 30-35 not many because the requirements state that there be an age limit and certain time of citizenship before an individual is qualified to run for an office.(just naming a few qualifications) For instance. 
Josiah was 8 years old when his father was assassinated, therefore he was made a king. Why? Because of the lineage not because he was anointed or called by God. It wasn't until 19 or so that he began to seek after the Lord that was a miracle because his father didn't do what was right in the eyes of the Lord or better yet serve the Lord. Additionally, in those times customs were the first born son took the throne. So Josiah became King but isn’t shown to have made any decrees until about the age of 19 (Maturity, Wisdom) his credibility was found in the fact that he was connected to lineage. David, for instance, was anointed King at a young age but didn't become King until he was about 30 years old. He had to gain Credibility. 
I like to view David’s process as Training for Reigning. How can you honestly move effectively in roles such as Bishops and Apostles without any type of process, training (education), or experience? Moreover, Apostles are those who are sent by God to do a work. Many people have a view that those who are called by God to preach the Gospel are Apostles simply because of the word "sent." Not quite! Apostles are sent not to Virginia, North Carolina, Vegas, Facebook Live, Instagram, and Twitter. Apostles are sent to cover regions and territories, establish churches, and church leaders and the like. Some of the people don't even have a Passport! 
You have no connection to foreign countries. The Bahamas, Mexico, and Aruba should not be your only destinations. Moreover, some young people and old who call themselves Apostles can't even serve in their own hometown yet alone go out to other places. They have no authenticity, legitimacy, or credibility. Has no one laid hands on them and set them apart? No one has been raised from the dead, no blinded eyes or deaf ears opened, can't cast out devils, no prayer life, ETC. Yea many are called but some just went! We are living in a time of self-promoted saints who desire a title, lifestyle that appears to be luxurious and lofty, but in reality, these roles require hard work. Young People and Old, Preach the Good News of Christ, Lays hands on the sick so they may recover, READ YOUR WORD, Develop a PRAYER LIFE, cast out devils, and win souls to Christ. Stop seeking for a title in order to be accepted by man, but live a life and do good works that will benefit the Kingdom of God. Let God see your works!"


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