Should Today's Prophetic Voices Be Using Their Gift Of Prophecy To Predict The Outcome Of A Ballgame or Pick Who's The Next President Will Be?

Reader, Apostle Brian Keith Williams has been a very respected voice in the Christian community for a long time.....I've mentioned him in this space before.  I appreciate what he has shared here.  According to the Bible, Prophecy has a threefold purpose of edification, exhortation, and comfort. There is also a foretelling aspect to prophecy as well. To foretell means to predict the future. God is sovereign and can speak about WHATEVER He wants to WHOEVER He wants. But typically there is a pattern that He adheres to. That is what Bishop Brian William has brought to light here. Prophets should be very careful in their prediction about the world....the gift is the church and not the world.


  1. Prophecy should only be kept to the confines of the local church. I do agree, the gift is for the church only. Prophets and Prophetesses cross the line too much with these predictions. God will bring things to pass in his time, not ours. When people try to prognosticate, it creates a problem in the Christian community. I can even go far to say these individuals should not be promising stardom and/or career success. People need to get in the habit of seeking the mind and voice of God for themselves and not always rely on prophets.

  2. I beg to differ. Mike Murdock is far from being a "brilliant bible teacher." And if he's so in touch with God, then why hasn't God told him to stop pimping the gospel.

  3. It's a joke. Profits nothing to the people. It's almost like trying to show off. I love sports, but it's ridiculous to even show off or saying you got a prophetic word on you thinking somebody is gonna win the title. The biggest joke ever was when David E. Taylor said the Broncos would beat the Seattle HAWKS in the Supebowl of 2014! LOL!! Dude pronounce the team wrong, lol! What a joke AND HE GOT IT WAAAAY WRONG. Seahawks DESTROYED THEM JOKERS, LOL.
    As for the presidency, it ridiculous. If these clowns would talk about the Freemasons, skull & bones, eastern stars, council of foreign relations, club of rome and the demonic trilateral commission, I might listen to what they say. They need to tell the saints satan is running this thing but thank the Lord Christ will win when it's all said and done.

    1. David E Taylor. SMH
      That was one of the funniest failed prophesy ever.

  4. Again prophecy is way more than just prediction. The gift of of prophecy today is more in line with what the Old Testament prophets did in that they proclaimed the truth, call attention to sin and wrong attitude, and are passionate about exposing sin so that truth can be revealed and fellowship with God can be restored. See how the prophet Nathan, his approach to King David.

  5. Personally, I don't believe ANY of the people today that call THEMSELVES PROPHETS are true Prophets.

    How many predictions do you have to get wrong before you realized that you AREN'T Hearing from God?

    How prideful do they need to be that you use the title "prophet" before their name on all publications or when being introduced?

    If you knew that a famous persons marriage maybe in jeopardy, a health issue, or death. Why does YOUR CHURCH need to know this information? Why not go directly to the person or people it DIRECTLY AFFECTS?

    If your ONLY claim to fame is from your prophesy coming true, that doesn't mean you a prophet of God.
    The Bible even states that non-believers would be able to predict events.

  6. LOL, Really... all these guys are false prophets and teachers. It's a shame that people believe and listen to them.

  7. Utterly FOOLISHNESS!! Right on Y'ALL. Do you seriously think That God is interested in a ball game??? As well as, some player saying God spoke to him that they would win...PLEASE! Well, regarding this person, look at the woman he is dating. He says God told him to 'Connect with her' even though she being seductive &&&& doing a lap dance....WHAT? People (the church) is/are destroyed for a lack of knowledge....Hosea. God said BE NOT unequally yoked (connected) together with another person...(unbeliever, ungodly, compromiser, double-minded). But, the so-called Prophets/Prophetess have to tell you that's your husband/wife. REALLY? I'm gonna get in trouble...LOL!! Anyway, I am (smh) at how so many in the church don't know the leading of God's Spirit for themselves. If God doesn't speak to me personally IN MY HEART and I get a witness by the Holy Ghost, I don't care if the Pastor says 'such and such', I'm not falling for it. Although, I do believe in my Pastor because he preaches/teaches the Word. Yes, I protect myself/family from falsehood ...THATS WHAT I'M SUPPOSE TO DO. Anyway, some of these false prophets have crept in and deceived many. So sad! I prefer to seek God for myself and keep in check what all of you have commented. In Christ Alone, RLR.

  8. Can this guy predict who is going to win the Mega Millions jackpot. Maybe he can predict what the numbers will be. That would be something !!!

  9. Can this guy predict who is going to win the Mega Millions jackpot. Maybe he can predict what the numbers will be. That would be something !!!


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