Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant And Street Activist PFK Boom Make Amends:

Reader,  I hope the reconciliation goes viral and generates as much conversation as the conflict did. In my opinion, folks rarely know all that one are doing or even agree with all of  their methods but at the end of the day we need everybody working to bring about the changes we need in our communities.



  1. Yea. I just saw this update on Facebook. Uh.. I don't know. No comment, haha. Well, I'll say this, Is anybody witnessing who Jesus is to these folks? I mean, dude got the "All seeing Horus demonic eye" around his neck, I'm like.. smh.

  2. I think Boom was really upset about something, and Jamal apologized.

    On tangent...

    Jamal's shout out to that ancient pimp Farrakhan is whack. I'm still trying to figure out how Farrakhan survived the 1960's?

  3. Great that they made up and play nice.

    Maybe now Jamal can focus on more IMPORTANT MATTERS, like healing his baby momma drama.


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