Lord Have Mercy Former President Bill Clinton Called Out For Pandering To The Congregation At West Angeles COGIC.

Reader Former President Bill Clinton made a campaign stop by West Angeles COGIC today, and everyone in the pews was not happy about it. Some on social media were voicing their disapprove saying they thought Bishop Blake was above this sort of pandering but they are obviously wrong.
"This is not church it's The Price Is Right. All these Democrats suddenly get religion because it's election time. They don't believe our Bible, mock and legislate contrary to our Christian morals, give our community peanuts (blacks do worse under Democrats economically that any ethnic group) but we so stupid we line up and vote for them. Makes me wonder how much they're giving our Bishops and Pastors in order to hijack our churches. Pathetic speaking to the congregation."



  1. SMH. Totally agree. No minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ who is THE WAY THE TRUTH AND LIFE should even allow these clowns in the church except to listen to the Word and hopefully get saved, especially with all the blood these freemasons and skull and bones members have on their hand. IE under Bill Clinton: 800,000 (and I believe more) Rwandans hacked to death with machetes' and he and black leadership did nothing and also the 1994 Crime Bill that was strategically orchestrated and is being used to this day in which it resulted in the largest increase in federal and state prison inmates of any president in history. I highly recommend Michelle Alexander's book, "The New Jim Crow." Put your trust in God and not man.

    1. I totally agree with you. Pastors should not bring politics into the church! But personally speaking, I think that a Trump administration would do way more harm to the black and minority population than the Clinton's ever have.

      Michelle Alexander's book is a great read but it fails to put things into perspective in the context of that time period. For instance: the toll that drug and gang violence was having on our communities. When Clinton was voted into office crime had reached insane levels. People in urban communities were afraid to go out. Most middle-class African Americans who could afford to leave these neighborhoods were leaving in droves, there was a lack of civic organization, there was a lot of despair and fear. It was a desperate situation for many urban African Americans.

      Her book also fails to mention that the black community was one of the most out spoken and biggest supporters of Clinton's 1994 Crime Bill, more specifically, the Congressional Black Caucus(CBC). Simply put, in the early 90's blacks wanted an immediate solution to the rampant crime and that Bill was the answer.

      Additionally, everyone, including the Clinton's and the CBC have subsequently come forward and apologized for the unintended consequences of that Crime Bill. They admitted to it's failure of blacks and have learned better lessons. Obama's clemency initiative is aiming to undo some of the injustices leveled by the 1994 Crime Bill and so on.

      Ultimately, there will never be one politician who will get everything right so we MUST do our own research and chose the one that's most aligned with the issues that are important to you.

    2. Time Zone, I read Michelle's book and I think it should be required reading for ALL black students. MANDATORY !!!!

  2. Not surprised about Blake here as well, as well as with a lot of other ministers. When leaders fail to heed all of Scriptures' purposes for their "so-called" calling, they'll a devise their own traditions to appear as leaders, shaking hands with the world's dignitaries. Perfect example of having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.

  3. I'm sooooo beyond confused, and if it were possible I would be lost for words. But I have a few....

    So the West Angeles parishioners are silent with the secular performers being affirmed in their church, BLATANT homosexuals and effeminate men in their choir, all of the talking that happens during the service by other parishioners, the brief sermons that may (one a good day) mention one scripture; but they have beef when a former president visits their church. Not to mention, the failure of their bishop as overseer to address the many instances of pedophilia (and more specifically pederasty) and known homosexuality that festers in that denomination.

    Many moons ago, I frequently visited West Angeles for a season, and I couldn't believe they considered that to be a church. It's more of a corporation, wait...I think they are listed as a corporation! Despite my opinions with COGIC as a denomination, this is very concerning. This church has sooooo many issues, and this is the one that has social media buzzing?


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