Lesbian Pens Open Letter to Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. After Sermon on LGBT Destroying the Black Community.

Reader Rebecca Daniel a member of the LGBT community has penned a powerful open letter to Pastor John K. Jenkins SR. the Pastor of The First Baptist Church of Glenarden. Challenging a sermon that was preached by Pastor Jenkins suggesting that LGBT is destroying the Black Community. Ms. Daniel called the pastor out on his homophobia and tagged him and the church in it. In the viral letter she let it be known what is actually destroying the “black community” not the people in the LGBT community.

An Open Letter to the Pastor of The First Baptist Church of Glenarden. Greetings John K. Jenkins Sr, I attended your 10:00am service on 5/22/16 and left completely disturbed and unsettled. With hesitation, I took my mom to your church to celebrate her birthday. The ground shook underneath me when you started speaking about how God is grieving the damage being done to the Black family. You went further to say that God is grieving because 2 women have the right to get married. You attributed marriage equality to the demise and degradation of the black family. I felt my heart stop. I felt my mother’s uncomfortable stillness. Coming out to my mom was the most difficult feat, as well as the most freeing undertaking I’ve ever experienced. My mom’s deep relationship and connection to her religious beliefs played into her predetermined disdain for my life. It was the birth of my children that brought on an almost immediate resolve with my mom. She loves my wife and children unconditionally. So imagine the pain I felt when you poured salt into a very recently healed wound. Imagine the discomfort we both experienced when our goal for that day was simply to draw closer to God. While I agree the black family is under attack, I am clear that same gender loving couples are not the reason. Low wages, high incarceration rates, and AA illiteracy rates are not caused by gay and lesbian people. I am not the reason black minsters step outside their marriage and sleep with members of their congregation sending a resounding message regarding the sanctity of the black family. LGBTQ people are not responsible for the high divorce rates in our community, poverty, poor schools, and fatherless homes. Gay people are in fact NOT the enemy. When you use religious rhetoric to suggest otherwise you simply lie on God. Your quick divisive claims are indeed poor biblical scholarship. It is irresponsible to use the pulpit as a platform to spew hate and ostracize a subset of God’s children, especially when your claims lack sound interpretation. You also suggested that God is “grieving” because 2 women have the right to get married. This is not biblical and represents your personal and emotional prejudices that are devoid of God. Ecclesiastic councils are not equipped to shape civic legislation. Partly because regressive and narrow-minded clergy use their platform to divide our community over and over again. My rights and your opinion actually live in 2 very separate areas. It’s no surprise we aren’t free. While sitting in your pews I felt like I was on a modern slave ship. Your religious rhetoric was simply a whip used to put scars on my heart. I am sad for all the LGBT youth who sat and heard your Sunday morning soundbite where you showed your personal disdain for gay and lesbian couples. I am sad for the teen that contemplated suicide after hearing your misrepresentation of God. I am sad for the child that sat in your audience wondering if you were talking about his/her 2 moms. I am sad for all the members of your congregation that cheered. Their ignorance allows you to flourish and perpetuate pain and separation. I am sad for my mom who sat and listened to you attack her daughter. Lastly, I am sad for myself. I’m sad that your teachings mirror the religious nonsense that brainwashed my entire childhood. You bragged about having 20 million dollars cash to build a Family Life Center. If you really care about the black family, take that money and attack some of the real issues tearing our families apart. The last thing PG County needs is another basketball court. With 20 million dollars you could single handedly close the literacy gap in the schools in the communities surrounding your church. There are young men sitting in your pews that are illiterate. They will eventually be the demise of the black family, not my beautiful wife and children. One day I hope you change your narrative to teaching God’s love. I don’t expect you to change your personal views on gay marriage, but when you stand before the people to speak on behalf of God, the least you could do is be honest and represent his teachings accurately. At the very minimum you should be drawing people closer to Christ, not ending your rhetoric with “And I don’t care if y’all come back.” That sentiment is not prophetic, its personal.
Pastor responds with his on letter! *click here*


  1. Well ma'am, I can GUARANTEE, your children DID NOT biologically come from your so-called wife....you will NEVER be able to have children with another woman...PERIOD. God didn't create a woman to have a child with another woman...IT WON'T HAPPEN. Call me homophobic all you want... I KNOW what the Bible says about God's plan for being fruitful and multiplying the earth. This IS NOT being hateful, only telling the truth. So, if this pastor want to compromise the Word Of God on THIS issue, then he needs to repent. God WILL NOT change HIS mind on this issue. Mankind has decided to make their on lifestyle. So please, don't go around saying people hate you because you DECIDED to live a lifestyle that God DID NOT ordain no matter how someone tries to fashion it up. SORRY....I really am being loving because I'm only telling the truth. Yes, God does love HIS Holy creation but we (as a people) refuse to hear what HE is saying. The Florida incident IS Horrible, but, yet and still, God is against ALL ungodliness. Please don't misread my comment and say that I'm saying God did this because I am not. We are fighting against a wicked spirit and he (the devil) wants to destroy EVERYONE....John 10:10. I say Come Unto God and HE WILL save us from ourselves. In Christ Alone, RLR.

    1. Just FYI, science has made it possible to combine the DNA of 2 people of the same gender to produce a child. Never is such a limiting word. With God ALL things are possible lol

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This lesbian talked about rhetoric, yet all she did was spew in a ultra-defensive way, her own rhetoric, the typical response when her very life and lifestyle is questioned, to say about low wages, high incarceration and illiteracy rates, black minsters step outside their marriage and divorce among married heterosexual. It’s the same thing you hear over and over and over again from homosexuals. If this Pastor wants to “brag” about having 20 million dollars cash to build a Family Life Center, who is she to minimize his efforts and judge how his church spends their money? She goes on to say the Pastor’s made quick divisive claims that showed poor biblical scholarship, yet she refuses to obey God’s words to reject her very own lifestyle because it is unnatural and an abomination. And to compare her “church” experience with that of being on a modern slave ship, was way over-exaggeratory, as this only display the victim she would become in her own mind. Instead of her inflamed criticism against what went on the one Sunday she and her mother attended, maybe she consider her role as a mother having her children raised by her and her female partner. Kids raised in these type relationships of strange fire are more likely to suffer from depression, and have a higher risk of being arrested more often than those raised by a mother and a father. If these children are female, they will likely have had more sexual partners--both male and female. Not to mention the fact, homosexuals do not live as long as heterosexuals, so for this woman to cite problems of heterosexual and church people is REALLY SAD. AND TALK ABOUT SAD, what about the medical problems and diseases suffered in that community and the huge impact this has on us tax payers? We can go on with the ills of this lifestyle, but these only pale as proofs to God’s word about this evil the LORD gives woman like this lady over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient. NOW THIS IS TRULY SAD.

  3. Well I am no fan of Jenkins (it's a long story) I must say,
    If a true pastor is going to speak on homosexuality using the Bible, it's going to offend the homosexuals lifestyle and agenda. And it's going to be (as she put it) extremely uncomfortable to listen to an entire sermon that undermines your identity.

    Like her, I don't believe homosexuality BY ITSELF has destroyed black families, and she mentioned some other valid reason.

    One point that she mentions that I think is a mistake for her & homosexuals to bring attention to is her (and her wife) having children.

    Even if you support homosexual marriage you have to honor heterosexual marriage as the greater of the two.
    Simply because children are ONLY A RESULT FROM OPPOSITE SEXES.

    So bring up her children to support homosexuality is a dead end street.

  4. After reading the "pastor's" response, I am a bit more concerned about what is the real issue. The author went in with her response to the sermon and the pastor's response seems to shed a somewhat less prominent light on homosexuality's impact on the black family. I have to say that many of the points raised by the author are basically echoed in the pastor's response. The primary difference being that the author believes he placed primary responsibility on homosexuality and he seems to say that it is one of many factors.

    1. DC Joe...I playfully talk about your drive-bys, but I thought the exact same thing when I read the Pastor's reply. His response was mealy mouth at best. You are 100% on point A+:))...

  5. Oh stop!! Who's report will you believe. Is homoism helping or hurting the African American Community? circle one- yes or no.

  6. Oh stop!! Who's report will you believe. Is homoism helping or hurting the African American Community? circle one- yes or no.

  7. She's right... it is my opinion that these preachers are one of the main factors in the decline of communities everywhere. I just assemble with my family and friends who are spiritual minded. I do not go to any church if at all possible. Waste of time and energy.

  8. She's right... it is my opinion that these preachers are one of the main factors in the decline of communities everywhere. I just assemble with my family and friends who are spiritual minded. I do not go to any church if at all possible. Waste of time and energy.


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