Jesus Take The Wheel: Students Are Turning To "sugar daddies" To Cope With Rising College Costs!

Reader I am slightly speechless because of this....and not in a good way. This is such an insult to real, honest relationships and marriage. I know tuition is expensive and almost always leads one to debt, but when did we as a society become so okay with allowing people to compromise themselves in order to get through a tough season in life? Today's women are getting wifed up with no prenups, call girls are being glamorized in shows like "Girlfriend Experience", and then we have stuff like this... So question. Is this a shift in feminism? Have women turned the tables on female negative stereotypes? Or have we just let our morals sink to an all-time low?

In my opinion, if a single mom can work a job and go to school, then these girls need to stop being lazy and expecting the world to take care of their every need. Just because you aren't offering a physical piece of yourself doesn't mean you aren't offering yourself to these "sugar daddy's" for a profit. I love how some people can justify anything.

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  1. YES MA'AM. You got that right. Morals have went out the window!! Some people will do anything for a 'buck'. Listen, I have a tuition debt for my son totaling over $100,000 dollars AND he has another year to go. But do you think I am going to turn to a life of crime or do something UNGODLY to pay the debt?? As well as do something stupid and end up getting shot even if I don't have a weapon....HINT! HINT! The devil IS a LIE. What...sin against God just to pay a debt? YES, THE DEVIL IS A LIE!! God IS my source and ALWAYS will be. So sad that these young ladies or young men (the devil doesn't care about who he destroys) would allow themselves to be caught up into such degradation (shamefulness). You see, I have a beautiful daughter who just became a young adult and I will protect her at all well as bringing her up in the ways of the Lord. So, Saints of God, protect your household from the wicked devices of the enemy and earnestly pray over them because you KNOW the Word of the Lord. In Christ Alone, RLR.

  2. This stuff has been going on for a long time. What a travesty these colleges and universities charge such ridiculous amounts for tuition and room and board. Tuition is one of the biggest financial scams ever. And many who can't afford these amounts obtain loans, that they are almost indebted to pay for for many years. When considering furthering education, parents and students need to be really wise when planning financially. Parents should not give into their children in the name of education. My oldest wanted to attend a university where the cost was outrageous, I simply explained to her, we couldn't afford it, and we had other children behind her we had to pay for. The community college and junior college are excellent routes for students to take the core basic classes and have those credits transfer to another higher students. We must be wise when being stewards over God's money. My twins both did work study to help defray some of the expenses as well.


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