Is Being A Member Of Donald Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board The Same As Endorsing Him For President?

Reader, the question is being asked why did Rev. A.R. Bernard join ‎Trump‬'s Clergy Advisory Council? Of all the Faith Leaders who endorsed Donald Trump yesterday, there was one New Yorker Rev. A.R. Bernard. What does Rev. Bernard see in Trump? I knew he was a conservative Republican but I didn't think he was an idiot. Check out the interview, of Pastor AR Bernard, Bishop Harry Jackson, and Pastor Mark Burns regarding Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board.

Roland Martin raises fair questions and clarifying follow-ups. This is about the friendliest audience one could imagine. What is and is not said here deserves very close consideration.These men are a joke. Pastor Bernard says he's not supporting Trump but sure did step to Trump defense when Roland Martin questioned  Trump morals by bringing up Bill Clinton's moral decisions.
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  1. Ms. Ann Donald Trump will not be the President Of this United States. He must Get 60% Of blacks and Hispanic vote in order to win...not going to happen. Now staying at home might cost us.

  2. I agree Anonymous! But how many in the black church will vote for him following their passa lead?

  3. There are only two reasons to be on Trumps evangelistic advisory board.

    1: You want to help Trump say the right things so that more Christians will vote for him.


    2: You Believe he's going to become the next president, and you just want to get your foot in the door so you could have it inside edge to helping you or your cause ( whatever it may be)

    Any pastor can cry all they want but they're not "endorsing" Donald Trump. But I'm almost certain that they won't be on any other candidates advisory board.


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