Gospel Artist James Fortune Opens Up About Being An Abuser!

Reader Gospel singer James Fortune is usually known for his chart-topping hits. But for nearly two years, his music career has taken a back seat to charges of domestic violence. The artist is opening up in an EXCLUSIVE interview for the first time since the incident.


  1. Like Ray Rice, I hope this dude has turned it around foreal. There is forgiveness as crazy as it may seem to some when a man hits a woman. It's sick. There's only one way I touch my wife, lol. Sorry about that. Hey! She my wife! haha.. We are to respect, protect and love our sisters. They are emotional and that's what makes them beautiful. Brothers, if you feeling it and she gettin' on yo last nerves, HIT YOURSELF! RUN INTO THE WALL! HAHA. ANYTHING BUT HIT HER! smh... Anyway, I pray for her that she's recovered. It's a long road. I have no idea the pain she's going through. I also pray for James that he gets it together AND NOT MAKE A SONG OUT OF THIS, BUT MINISTER THROUGH CHRIST OF THE TRUTH.

  2. So little time,

    1: He claims his wife suffered no broken bones, internal injuries and no bar stool was involved.

    WELL You SIR are an abuser. Your WORD CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. I will wait to hear THE TRUTH from his wife, if she chooses to speak out.

    2: He wants the church to hear these domestic violence stories so people can have a dialogue about it within the church. Although I Would tend to agree, I would rather hear it from the people hurt most

    3: He wants to be open and transparent about domestic abuse. Funny how he (and everyone that interviews him) NEVER mentions that OTHER domestic abuse case.
    You know the one, 10 years ago when he tried to boil his stepson but instead disfigured him for life.

    3: SHUT UP!!!
    Can we go a month without seeing your
    videos on social media,
    putting on another "He who is without sin cast the first stone" concert,
    Or "exclusive" interviews about what YOU WENT THROUGH.

    Even Jesus had 40 days just to himself.
    Can Fortune AT LEAST give us 6 months???

    I truly feel sorry for this man and his family.
    But with every tweet, post, interview and concert I am finding it more difficult to sympathize with his problems.


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