Fans Of Mali Music Outraged After Insensitive Comments About Orlando Shooting.

Reader fans Of Mali Music are outraged after alleged insensitive comments about the Orlando shooting.  Some fans of the musician are not happy after attending his recent show at the Howard Theater where he passively spoke about the tragic shooting at the gay club in Orlando. During a concert in Washington DC last week, 28-year-old singer asked his fans, “Anybody want to make it into Heaven?” And this is where things got bad for Mali. He then added:

 “There was about, um, 30 couple of people who went to a place a couple of nights ago, and they wasn’t expecting to be thinking about Heaven too soon. So it’s important that you really do be trying to go.” 

First of all, there were way more than 30 people who lost their life at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando so any figure trying to devalue that is just insensitive. Fans slammed the singer’s IG account with backlash. What are your thoughts?

Gospel Singer Catches Heat for Implying Orlando Mass Shooting Victims Didn’t Make it Into Heaven!


  1. Folks are looking for reasons to be upset. I don't see anything wrong with his comments.

  2. I doubt Mali said what he said in the manner this blogger was claiming. It seems like one of those gay gossip blogs. What I think he was trying to say was they were oblivious to what was about to happen in Pulse. I used to go to those clubs, but I am redeemed from that lifestyle. Clubs are hotbeds of trouble, so believers should avoid them at all costs. When you are partying, you are not thinking about your destiny which is why it is important to get right with God now before its too late. This is another case of trying to make sense of a tragedy and figuring out a way to find God in all of this. I do not hate Mali for what he said, but if we can get him back into the Kingdom with his talent.....


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