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Sports Illustrated Model Ashley Graham Says Her Pastor Follows Her On Instagram!

Reader in my humble opinion, this is nothing short of ridiculous. She has beautiful features and is drop dead gorgeous. But in lingerie, with half of her tits and behind showing, she’s being nothing less than sensual sex object, plain and simple. This is not just an opinion... it is a fact and the truth. She needs to find another vocation that is glorifying to God. I don't see how in the world GOD can get the glory out of this foolishness but her pastor yes. 

Donald Trump Is A Bigot And A Racist, So Why Do New Research Show That White Evangelicals Are Backing Him?


Reader White evangelical Christiansa crucial bloc of Republican voters, are backing likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump by a wide margin over Hillary Clinton. However, their support is significantly lower than for previous Republican candidates, new research shows. A new poll from CBS News showed Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, with a six-point lead over Trump overall, 43-37 percent, basically unchanged from a month earlier. The survey, released June 15, also showed white evangelicals supporting Trump 62 percent to just 17 percent for Clinton.

When 62 percent of White evangelical Christians are backing Trump, in which way are they leading their flock, to heaven or hell ? Jesus said they will persecute you, all the while believing they are doing God's will.  Really, this evangelical fervor for Trump isn’t all that surprising when you consider the history of the religious right in this country, a history which suggests these voters are less motivated by faith than they are motivated by conservative ideology. “Jesus” is just the word they apply to their beliefs to make otherwise repulsive reactionary politics seem moral and righteous. Evangelical voting behavior makes way more sense if you assume the political views come first and the Bible is just the rationalization for them.


  1. And on and on and on and on. And still pushing the race card. I (as a black man) would be STUPID to vote for Hillary Clinton. Maybe I want vote at all OR maybe I'm brain-washed. Oh well! God will still have the last say. Straighten this MESS out, Lord Jesus.

    1. May I ask who is pushing the race card?


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