Church Announcement: Stop With The Foolishness, Single "MOM'S" Father's Day Is Not Your Day To Shine!

Reader folk need to calm down on social media and stop with the foolishness. It looks like they're starting campaigning early this year, for single mothers to be recognized on Father's Day. Over the last past couple of years there has been a push and trend in which single mothers are wishing other single mothers… A Happy Father's Day. Don't get me wrong, while it is their right to do so, no one can argue that. But this is not their day, this needs to stop. We need to be mindful of trying, to hijack and take the shine away from the good fathers on Father's Day.

 Father's Day, is a day for celebrating father's who take care of their responsibility. I have a big ole problem with this craziness each passing year when Father's Day comes around folks trying like the devil to take the shine away from those fathers who deserve it.  By the same token, I am really disappointed in 'black' folks who attack the black mother who's raising their children on their own and doing the best they know how by them self.

 In the last couple of years, the back and forth on social media has almost overtaken a celebration that was meant to acknowledge good fathers. Father and Mother Day are not celebrations about gender, but instead they are celebrations about roles.....that have been assigned to male and female before the beginning of time.  Father's day which for me mean it doesn't belong to the single mothers. I'm sorry, just because you as a  single mother has the task of doing this parenting thing alone doesn't mean you supposed to it wasn't designed that way. There are some things God never assigned a woman to do and being a father is one of them.  Be who you are a celebrated single mother raising her kids alone, not a FATHER!

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  1. Good talk Ann! I'm lost though.... do this single mother's know there's a Mother's Day? smh. Unreal. Ya'll just get ready though, the devil gonna come in with transgender day, and other foolishness. Sorry to bring that up, cause it's coming. Sad. As a Father, I can just feel it when Father's Day comes around. Society is like, eh, ok whatever. So sad. Because unfortunately the individuals that feel this way had a low down good for nothing father. I feel so bad for those people, but thank God for those mother's that did the best they could and persevered. Anyway, so glad my daddy here on earth has been side by side with me for the past 43 years. Love you Daddy. God Bless ya'll.

  2. Another result of the feminist rule to a empower women. And like ChelleBelle discerned so well here, the face of a black woman probably posing to be a Christian.

    1. I didn't say nothing yet, LOL! But you must've knew I was coming on Anonymous.

      Why yes, this is another way the feminist movement is creeping in to cause discord amongst men & women. And yes, Black women will be used to lead the way. Ain't nothing changed since slavery, including the fact that Black people are used to build and support agendas. During the slave era, the women was the leader of the family and the man was emasculated. The difference between now and then is that the powers that be have achieved their goal; that is to let the slaves enslave themselves. That is deep, and I'm going to chill on that topic...

      The unfortunate high rates of Black single mothers and absentee fathers has launched movements to empower single mothers. To the point that in 2016 we have some families with 3 generations of single mothers!!! The media and some ministries exploit this disadvantage, by giving these women a false sense of pride by telling them they're don't need a man. But at the core of this madness, is bitterness. I don't know a single mother who doesn't want a father for her child. So they can stop frontin' on social media.

      If these mothers really wanted to make a change on Father's Day, how about getting it right with the BD? Or, if that's not possible, pray to God for to bring a good man to be a role model in their child's life. But this whole disrespect the absentee father is petty. This is going to bring reconciliation of fathers to children which is what we need.

      And to all of the fathers, thank you for doing your job! Get yo celebration on for your day! Fatherless children are watching you, so thank you for being light in darkness.

    2. This is the same Anonymous person who you chimed in to suggest I not induldge in the flesh...LOLOL. when I said here "and like ChelleBelle said here", I wasn't I wasn't talking about this post in particular. I meant by "here" this BLOG. I thought I recalled you mentioning how they use black faces to advertise their agenda on another post. Again your thoughts are SPOT ON. I've said that about most of your comments and replies. Not feeling your suggestions about me having an ought, using terms like evil and indulging in the flesh though...SORRY...LOLOL

    3. Yes, I'm aware that you're the same Anonymous, and I'm aware that you were referring to my post about the Transgender tv show. And Yeah I meant what I wrote about you indulging in the flesh, and that many of your comments appear to have evil intent. I'm also aware that you do agree with my comments. There's no conflict for me...

      If you're not feeling my selection of words to express my opinion regarding your posts, okay I comprehend that. We disagree. I addressed you because your comments often cause discord. It is obvious that there are believers on this blog that are not mature. But I think you're tactics of combativeness are ineffective and messy. If your intent is of good then let that show. In the event that your intent is to edify, I wanted to inform you of what it appeared to look like to me. If you know I'm wrong, then know what you know and keep it moving.

    4. YUP…It’s obvious you and I do not agree. You say my tone is combative. I say you lack discernment giving your opinion and your choice of words to advise is unbiblical, as evident by your use of the word “ought”. I come to this BLOG to comment. I respond and I reply. That's ii. I have no "tactic" to be combative, so your follow-on way to describe (ineffective and messy) is dead wrong. You have your style of communicating. I have mine. No need to imply appearance of intent. Only God knows the heart.

  3. Hey here's an idea...Let's have equal rights and have Single Fathers celebrate Mother's Day, for all those dead beat moms out there.

  4. As a father I am mildly insulted.
    But I do understand.

    Why don't they just double up on MOTHERS DAY (the more appropriate day) and allow the few, proud and hard working fathers who step up to the plate EVERYDAY have THEIR DAY.

    I do know some single fathers and at the mere SUGGESTION of them being celebrated on Mother's Day was met with a harsh and resounding "I am NOT a woman.

  5. I could care less about a day. This proposal leads me to appreciate many of the fathers I know personally, who desired to keep his family, but was not able to because of women like this. Women who filed for divorce for silly reasons like irreconcilable difference, and was granted the divorce by a rail road system that is anti-man and anti-family, where lawyers drool at the opportunity to screw men with the help of these silly women. I appreciate many of my friends who have to struggle to take care of their personal needs, because he was ordered to pay spousal allowance and child support. I admire my friends who struggle through the sadness of seeing his kids only on weekends under the supervision of the system and their ex- foolish wives. These type fathers have my utmost respect. This woman here, I could care less about.

  6. Thank you for this information because I wasn't aware of a mother that would say Happy Father's Day to another mother....must have had my head in the sand on that one. Ha! Ha! Anyway, (I'm going to open up a little here). My oldest sister (who is divorced) raised 4 children from their they are adults. That was a VERY tough situation because my siblings and I had to help her financially numerous times. My little sister got involved with a guy and have a 16 year old son (the dad....nowhere around). Here WAS my dilemma, I was devastated when she first told my wife that she was pregnant back in 2000....BECAUSE she was a Christian. I couldn't believe it. As you all know, does Christians mess up...OH YES. But, she is now committed to God with all of her heart and not "at all" looking for a man. HALLELUJAH!!�� I dearly love my sister's but it is a financial struggle having to handle all this alone. But God provides. My point, we have too many Christian dad's/mother's who will not follow through with their God given responsibility. Sorry, but they have allowed some guy/woman to come in and divert them away from God. Also, my oldest brother has several kids (adults now) from a few different women...again a financial struggle. But now he is preaching the gospel and committed to God and refuses to let the devil trick him again. What am I saying with all this? I SALUTE any single parent that will follow God and raise their children with a Godly upbringing. You see, my siblings and I grew up in a godly home and our father/mother did not deviate from the Way's of The Lord. I thank God for it. So I bless those who have given themselves to God and their children. Lastly, as I officiated the wedding for my oldest son, soon to be a year ago, I told him as my dad told me when I brought my wife home from Germany. "Son, don't EVER start talking about the 'D' word because if you do, me and your father-in-law WILL do a Muhammad Ali on you". Not really....but I was serious as my father was. I pray we become better father's and follow God's word. In Christ Alone, RLR.

  7. I just wish this foolishness would stop. I mean what about the fathers who are doing right by their children? What about the fathers who are still with their wives, doing it God's way and are raising children in a two parent household? Why can't we promote that? I don't get why we love to celebrate dysfunction and single parenthood.

  8. It doesn't cease to amaze me. It's almost like you get penalized for doing the right thing. I don't deserve anything. But I love my wife dearly and love being able to show my 2 year old son the world and how to function in it. I work, teach and am thankful for the oppurtunity to treat my wife as a queen. I'm not saying I deserve the day but I'm glad to recieve that 1 dress tie I get every year. And a day to relax. Not to be celebrated but just to relax. Father's have a different responsibility than mothers. We each have our roles. I respect single mothers and what they do. But at the same time that child unless God sending a father figure into their life will never have that void in their heart filled. And because of that I believe mothers whether single nor married should not be honored on father's day. Not to be mean but it's simply the truth.


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