Can You Hear Me Now, Gospel Singer And Pastor William McDowell Posted A Cryptic Message For The Masses.

Reader Gospel singer and pastor William McDowell posted the following message to his Facebook page saying he has a "prophetic edge" and "IT"S HAPPENING!!" He said those who are spiritually aware will know what he's talking about.  Do you know what he means?

"I know most of you will not understand what in the world I'm talking about. As a resident of Orlando and a pastor in Orlando with a prophetic edge I feel like standing on top of the biggest thing I can with the loudest megaphone and shouting this as loud as I can!!! IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!Those with a spiritual awareness will know exactly what I am talking about! If you do you'll know exactly what and how to pray! That's all I can say for now. I'm encouraged to see that intercessors, prophetic voices and those who are sensitive are beginning to sense out there what we have been seeing here in our city since the beginning of 2016! It's happening! Everything is connected! I'll stop now but I'm full and it's hard to stay completely silent! There is a word from the Lord about all of this!"
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  1. Yes. I know EXACTLY what he means.

    He just wants to say SOMETHING about all the events happening in Florida (gator attack,mass shooting, murder of a Idol participant) but doesn't know how to tie them all together.

    He wants to shout as loud as he can ABOUT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with the exception that HE ALONE has a "PROPHETIC EDGE" which he will use as a new catch phrase.

    He won't tell anyone what is HAPPENING because he wants to appear he has some type of special connection (PROPHETIC EDGE) with God. But he wants the few people WHO DO KNOW (but they really don't) to keep it a secret. Because just like in grade school, if you tell everyone it losses it's MAGIC. ��

    He isn't going to say anything more for now, he wants to preserve THE MYSTERY of the PROPHETIC EDGE.

    There is a word from the Lord about all of this, BUT ITS NOT IN THE BIBLE. All of it will come directly from him because he has (wait for it)


    1. I know Cop, smh. All folks gotta do is look at John 16:33; These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
      I think that's what he's talking about. smh.. unbelievable...

  2. In my opinion, this gentleman is not relaying any revelatory information that isn't already included in Scripture. Jesus spoke about these days, Paul spoke about these days and John in Revelation spoke about them. it is stated that while we certainly need to be about the business of our Father, we should also remain aware of what is going on around us and to watchful and prepared. i pray that we all are.

  3. I think he is talking in reference to the beginning of the end , that things are getting so bad that people need to wake up and see the signs are everywhere. Our human eyes can only see the worldly things that are going on but we need to get down on our knees and pray that our spiritual eyes will be opened. A true christian would know that this is happening for things yet to come. Open your spiritual eyes ,pray ,seek God,call on him,look for him and he will show u things you need to know.

  4. I love how (and what) both Anonymous wrote. It makes sense and is easy to understand.

    But why couldn't Mr. "Prophetic Edge" write it as simple instead of giving us his version of speaking in tongues?

    He states at the very beginning,
    "I know most of you will not understand What in the world I am talking about".

    If you're a PASTOR of a church,
    YOUR JOB, is to dissect, explain, and teach the word of God so that people can understand.

    Not ADD TO THE CONFUSION by throwing out a (self admitted) mis-understood statement.


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