Bishop Noel Jones On Marriage!

Reader who defines better or worse-to end a marriage? Marriage is a very serious "commitment." Some people are more committed to their jobs, cars, extended family etc than they are to their marriage. In the video below  Bishop Noel Jones gives a very transparent and candid account of marriage and divorce. He says, “anyone who has divorced must repent”. Because of his own divorced he  goes on to say that even he had to repent.

 Check out this profound teaching and tell us what you think. Bishop Noel Jones from Parrish Smith on Vimeo.


  1. Yup. Yet another sound bite, his version of his marriage. These guys are nothing but opportunists, and will find whatever way to scratch the itching ears of a lot of folks. All the right buzz words – passionate about ministry, repentance, marrying the person not the ministry, intense and out of balance yada, yada, yada… All this teaching, while he is apparently shacking up with Loretta. As Christians, and moreso for Pastors, we are not to do anything that would be a stumbling block to our brother. We are not to let your good be evil spoken of.

  2. Should've thought about not doing that Preachers of L.A. garbage too.. smh..Unreal. All this mess does is cause the world to look at us and crack up laughing.. Sad. Oh, and still a Bishop and the folks ain't saying one word, except for "don't judge."

  3. The office of a bishop is a multifaceted calling, able to love his one wife, nurture his children in Gods ways, teach others the truth and doctrine of Scripture, and be a man, not woman, full of integrity. Yet this dude uses an excuse for his failed marriage his passion for ministry, him being gone all the time, I think him being gone is a deeper problem with this joker than he is leading on, He wants to come across as transparent, yet is covering up some of his bigger issues, Now has leading another woman on for years now, and this just can't be healthy no matter how he tries to deny and cover up, And she has issuesvas well hanging around for so long. This dude yall ain't right and is doing all his crookedness as a leader in Gods church. Run Loretta...Run...

  4. Despite his issues, I believe his message of warning and caution is beneficial to preachers... We all could learn from others mistakes....

  5. So we have

    Jamal (non-Oxford) Bryant promoting black lives matter, except for the a few he conceived.

    James (Hot water)fortune bringing domestic violence to conversation, he being one that abused both wife AND KID.

    And now
    Noel (THE PLAYER) Jones discussing marriage relationships.

    Timezone is right. The whole world is laughing.

    These SO CALLED CHRISTIAN LEADERS have failed in all areas of integrity, self-control, and to live the life they proclaim.

    And yet, THEY ARE the leaders that Christians are suppose to follow and look up to.

    I know no one is perfect, but can the pastors and church leaders AT LEAST BE AVERAGE MEN instead of shameful?

    1. True... After seeing his lifestyle on preachers of LA, I stopped listening to his preaching.

      However, his message of warning to married preachers could save them from losing their homes.

      Should he be pastoring? Scripture speaks against him... Could he pass down life lessons? Absolutely...

  6. I went to this church for 3 years. Noel Jones is an amazing preacher, but the "house around him" is not kept clean. Therefore, his church was somewhat carnal. He would always deliver a powerful, enlightened message that made you think... deeply. BUT - you were surrounded by celebrities, flamboyance, compromised music, huge security details, "grand entrances" from athletes or politicians and many other distractions throughout the congregation that made it very difficult to keep your ENTIRE focus on the Word of God. If you are someone who goes to church to hear the Word..... and ONLY the Word, his church will bother you. It won't sit right and it won't feel right.... and that's why I left. I always felt that he should have had much more CONTROL over the goings-on of his staff and congregation... but he seems pretty hands-off.... and people had taken advantage of that by injecting their own agendas. It's almost like you knowing two very wonderful people, who appear to be awesome parents, but their kids are all BAD, and you ask yourself, "They seem like two people who love the Lord and are genuine & kind in all they do.... so why do their children misbehave so badly!" .... That is what it feels like going to his church. You are left asking "what went wrong here"? ..... At the end of the day, IT'S NOEL JONES' RESPONSIBILITY.... and God will hold him accountable for the condition of his temple.

    1. So that explains his issues to "run" in the name of ministry. Thanks Anonymous for sharing your experience, as it appears you have GREAT DISCERNMENT! Good you got out of there. This is one of my favorite post.

  7. Instead of using his experience as a teaching tool, (which by the way if we want to learn from the failures of others, all we have to do is read our Bibles because there are stories of tons of people who failed drastically), why not use this experience to be an example to the saints, especially as a church leader and a so-called bishop. He has fine-tuned all the rhetoric, his repentance about his divorce and somewhat his insincere claims his life out of balance doing “intense” ministry and all, why not take the next step after Repentance, and RECONCILE WITH HIS WIFE. Now that will be a real testimony. GOD is a GOD of RECONCILIATION. This dude never even addressed he would consider reconciling. I wonder why? Says a lot about his phoniness if you ask me.

    As of now, he is not even worth wearing the title of BISHOP. How can a man not lead in his own home , and say he is to lead God’s people? We just seem to want to throw these Bible verses away and flock to hear the dude, because has a good command of the English language, and French tickle the ears of many. Something is not right about this cat. I will not listen to learn nothing from him.

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