Why Are Christians Throwing Shade At Pastor John Gray?

Reader there's some kind of push back today against a concert that was hosted last night by Pastor John Gray at Lakewood Church. Pastor Gray had to take to Periscope to put his haters in check.

 To date, in Harris County alone, there are 6,851 damaged single family homes and 5,262 apartment units, for a total of 12,113 homes and thousands of people who have been affected by the flood. People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in this time of need.

 The City is using the Greater Houston Storm Relief Fund to help provide a safe and comfortable environment to victims of the storm. This is just one of the ways in which the fund is being used. The need is ongoing and will take millions of dollars to help aide those affected.

Country music star, Clay Walker, has reached out and offered to donate his time to perform at the Houston Recovers with Clay Walker & Friends – Live from Lakewood Church benefit concert on May 20, 2016. Senior Pastor Joel Osteen has offered to provide the setting for this benefit at his church. In addition, other regional and national performers will donate their time and talent, as well as other known entertainers and Houstonians who will join them on stage.


  1. The issue may have been two or three secular artists on the schedule. But, the bulk of them were Christian artist and Osteen does not let anybody perform without some sort of stipulations involved. With that said, Gray did nothing wrong and it could be an issue of guilt by association. It was for a good cause and Gray's name should not be dragged in the mud.

    1. John Hopkins you know that John will be at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church tomorrow for both services? Just thought I would let you know.

  2. Word "If God gave you the platform, you don't owe anybody an explanation. Serve God. Don't live for man's validation".

  3. Betty Sue WoodsSaturday, 21 May, 2016

    Ms. Ann John Gray did a comedy act & most people loved it. He was hilarious. Impersonated Michael Jackson.So good at everything, don't understand why folks had a problem with it.

  4. Let me get this straight...Folks are mad because there was a benefit concert to help people in need? That is just plain stupid. I wonder how many of the naysayers have ever done anything sacrificially to help their fellow man? Hypocrites!


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