The AME Church Cannot Reprimand Pastor Jamal Bryant Becuause He's Not A Member Of The Joint College Of Bishops!

Reader, does Pastor Jamal Bryant's latest case reveal broken church discipline structure? This is a very interesting read on the AME disciplinary action policies, their organizational structure & bylaws. It actually explains a whole lot. According to this Facebook post, Pastor Bryant is NOT a member of the Joint College of Bishops, so they have no "legal right" to sanction him. It's my understanding that they are intending to meet with him, as a brother in Christ. But they cannot reprimand him.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church said Wednesday that Pastor Jamal H. Bryant, leader of Northwest Baltimore's Empowerment Temple Church, did not face a disciplinary trial in 2008 after a scandalous affair ruined his marriage because no one came forward with a complaint against him.



  1. Perhaps the AME church cannot, but the Lord can.

  2. They didn't discipline him in 2008 for adultery because NO ONE HAD A COMPLAINT AGAINST HIM?!?!

    So basically they're saying "WE DON'T CARE IF YOUR PASTOR IS A HOE"

    This is why SO MANY PASTORS get away with everything under the sun.

    No one holds them accountable for their actions,
    and the elders that do hold them accountable turn a blind eye to the moral failings.

    So Jamal (Non Oxford) Bryant can have unprotected sex with all the women he wants, producing kids and be suspect with his child support.

    If they can't stop him from sleeping around, Can they AT LEAST get him some condoms.
    I heard Leandria Johnson was handing them out for free a couple of months ago, contact her.

    1. Cop you a mess:

      If they can't stop him from sleeping around, Can they AT LEAST get him some condoms. I heard Leandria Johnson was handing them out for free a couple of months ago, contact her.

      I am not really surprised, but kind of disappointed that he keeps going down that same road. He should get a vasectomy or use condoms take some real cold showers. Let the church say AMEN!!

  3. I don't understand why everyone is so shocked. This has been going on for years!

  4. You know I had an argument at work with one of his parishioners. I had no idea she followed him and he came up in conversation. I said I don't understand how anyone can follow him when he got a 17 year old pregnant. She looked at me and said "these women tempt him with their skimpy clothes. He's a man of God". I nearly fell out my chair. Safe to say our relationship changed from that day forward. Men who use big words ala Pastor Eddie Long, riding Bentley and slinging penis everywhere are no men of God. They're pimps in the pulpit.

  5. As stated, God can & will discipline His servants. Nothing is hidden from God. He is merciful & just.

  6. You mentioned the key words..."His srrvants". Every one who calls Him Lord is not His servants.

  7. All I have to say is judgement will come to Bryant's life. If he were in my denomination, United Methodist, he would be removed in a heartbeat. Bryant is getting too big for his fame so God has no choice but to humble him. 2016 is becoming a year of exposure and showing us God takes ministry seriously. It is time for Empowerment Temple to do the right thing and permanently remove him from leadership.

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  10. The Facebook post is incorrect and highly misinformed about the African Methodist Episcopal Church system. ALL licenced, ordained itinerant and local clergy(including bishops)in the AME Church are governed by our Book of Doctrine and Discipline. There are very direct guidelines and procedures for addressing clergy sexual misconduct. Unfortunately what Jamal Bryant has been accused of does not fall within the book of discipline construct of sexual misconduct. Discipline would be required only if his Presiding Elder referred his name to the Ministerial Efficiency Committee during the annual conference could any action be taken and that can be done only if that committee makes the recommendation to said members of the annual conference who in turn votes to receive or reject the recommendation. If a discipline action were recommended, it would follow those within the book of discipline.

    1. Thank you Lorenzo Neal for the clarification!

    2. It may not fall in the book of discipline, but it falls in the book of the Bible... you know God's Holy Word that we are to follow. If the AME church actually believes the discipline trumps God's laws and they should follow that instead of the Bible when it comes to dealing with sin, they have bigger problems than Bryant's continual sin of fornication.


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