Lord Please Stop Blacks From Killing Blacks, AMEN!

Reader Rev. Michael Jordan has a prayer. He doesn't just whisper it during quiet times. The Birmingham pastor puts it out there on the marquee at New Era Baptist Church for God, and everyone else, to see. His latest message? "Lord, please stop blacks from killing blacks." The other side reads, "Young black males must respect authority." "Our young black men are dying,'' Jordan said. "I think it gets too much attention when a white policeman kills a black male, but it gets no attention when it's black on black murders." It's a bold move for a black man, a black pastor, in a black community.

 Birmingham pastor's public prayer: 'Lord, please stop blacks from killing blacks'


  1. I agree that the latest focus on police brutality is futile, and that Black people are killing Black people. However, the primary reason for "Black on Black" crime is because races tend to live within the same area and most murders are committed by people who know one another. So there really is no difference between Black people killing Black people, than Asians killing Asians. Except for the fact that the Black population is dwindling because we are not reproducing in high numbers, the family unit has been broken for atleast 2 generations deep, and now we as Black people have become the main tool for the LGBT agenda. Which brings me to my next thoughts about this Black Lives Matter police brutality mess.

    I keep hearing self-professed Christians chant "Black Lives Matter" in support of a movement headed by women who promote the LGBT agenda. Matter of fact, Black Lives Matter website reads:

    "Black Lives Matter affirms the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, black-undocumented folks, "

    In that sentence alone, this "movement" (which really has done nothing to affect POLICY or major change) is promoting the criminality of illegal residents, and immorality of the homosexual lifestyle thus promoting anti-creation! Prior to the most recent Wikipedia page update, BLM said they reject the beliefs of religious traditions of social justice movement; in other words they don't want no Jesus involved. Plus, how do Black lives matter if we are affirming lifestyles that destroy Black lives? Not that police brutality is not an issue, but the police brutality fatality rates versus Black folks killing ourselves doesn't compare!

    So yeah, I'm with this pastor in Birmingham as far as us putting the responsibility on ourselves. But we as Black people need to stop putting our issues out for the world to see; the sign is silly and not effective. But I think it would be more effective to organize the shutdown of local abortion clinics because Black people (and others) go there everyday to kill their children. Or maybe get back to talking about issues of morality, personal responsibility, and focusing on restoring families because a lot of our issues are coming from broken and jacked up homes.

    1. But to speak on black on black crime and ignore the causes is plain stupidity to me.

    2. ChelleBelle ChelleBelle ChelleBelle...you are so full of wisdom. I had no idea BLM aligned with the destructive Agenda of the LGBT. WOW o WOW o WOW! Enough said right there. And your logic through discernment is SPOT ON! These are the comments I love to read.

    3. Yep. ChelleBelle is correct. Black Lives Matter who is financed and supported under the table cash by the NWO, supports the LGBT 100%. I will say this. In my humble opinion the sign isn't silly per se' however it is true that it is 100% non-effective and will do absolutely nothing. But I do understand why the sign outside the church was posted.

    4. Re: Anonymous

      I'm so relieved that my super long comment has given you something to consider :)

  2. Blacks killing blacks is a very REAL issue that cannot be marginalized by the notion that Whites & Asians do it too. There is a HUGE difference in the amount of violence in black neighborhoods as compared to other ethnic neighborhoods. Until we start taking accountability for what's going on in our own neighborhoods, things will never change. I'm not sure how police brutality relates to the specific issue of solving the black on black crime epidemic, so I'm not sure why anyone would mention it, other than to deflect from the actual topic.

  3. Re: Anonymous
    This is a slight tangent, but I'll rein it in...

    I guess I have a major beef with the popularization of the phrase "Black on Black crime". First of all, the media uses these phrases to frame certain groups as more violent than other groups to instill fear and promote racist ideology. Most media outlets tend to show Black people more frequently as perpetrators of intraracial violence than other groups; thus creating an unbalanced portrayal. Plus, most people rarely view their local crime logs to get statistics of who's doing what to solidify their views of intraracial violence amongst Black people. Even still, those stats are not comprehensive because all violent crime is not reported.

    To me, it's not a matter of dismissing the issue of Black intraracial violence, but to say that it is an epidemic amongst the Black community is fallacious, especially if we start to define violence (I'll focus on murder for now). All throughout history, intraracial violence has prevailed, Caucasian ethnic cleansing and Asian female infanticide is happening throughout the world today.

    Oppressed communities with poverty, broken homes, drugs (witchcraft), unstable economies, and no reverence for God comprised of ANY RACE yield higher rates of murderous violence. But it's not an epidemic, these variables often lead to outlooks that have a disregard for life.

    Lastly, not that I'm advocating for this, but when Black people in America were segregated, we had stronger family bonds, a greater sense of community, and a majority reverence for Jesus Christ. So race has little to do with this violence. It is the other variables that have been placed in many of our communities that has caused this shift, and yes that needs be not just addressed but COMBATED.

    However, I will agree with you, Anonymous, that there is a difference when we as Black people kill each other. Primarily because we have other forces that have oppressed us, and now exterminate us since we've arrived on this continent. So we are different; since this nation has little regard for us as people, and now we appear to be losing regard for ourselves and one another.


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