John Hagee Says God Will Hold You Accountable For Not Voting For Donald Trump!

Reader, I believe that God will hold me accountable if I vote for anything that looks like Donald Trump. Contrary to what Pastor John Hagee says. Urging his audience to vote for Donald Trump, because while "no candidate is perfect," God could "give us a leader who has the courage to put America first."

The idea that John Hagee thinks God will sanction those who do not vote for a self-professed adulterer and hatemonger  who has been proven to be a liar. I guess putting America first trumps Christian values and the ten commandments! I think  Pastor Hagee is a bit confused, which seems to be a consistent trait amount right wing nut cases.


  1. And God could possibly hold you accountable Hagee for saying such stupid foolishness. All of the politicians are guided by one rule. And that's what the demonic freemasons want. Democrips and Redbloodicans are on the same team. Like I've said before, the campaigning, voting, debating... it's all WWE Raw, but on a higher level that one could ever imagine.

  2. The robust dude of a preacher is a false prophet and a liar. Anyone who listens to this christian zionist heavy weight, will be steared wrong. Big fella teaches there are two methods or ways of salvation, one for the Jews, one for the Gentiles. Dude intentionally made himself ignorant to all of Pauls writings, saying the Jews does not need Jesus to be saved. Accountability is out of questions with Heavy D and his zionist minions. They stand more in judgment for thier false contempt. BEWARE.!!! TIMEZONE, YOU ARE SPOT ON WITH YOUR ASSESSMENT. Freemasonry supports all presidential candidates. I say for all who vote, Don't complain...

  3. Our current political system is ruled by the almighty dollar through campaign financing and lobbying.

    Until this changes, we will have bunch of politicians who put in place the policies paid for by the lobbyists and campaign funders.


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