History Making Hezekiah Walker Reunites With Love Fellowship For A Live Recording!

Reader, according to source during the 2016 Stellar Awards we saw the original member of Love Fellowship Crusade Choir, Lady Monique Walker-Moore grace the stage in the group when Bishop Hezekiah Walker introduced his new song “Better”.

When Love Fellowship was birthed Lady Monique was married to Bishop Hezekiah Walker and was featured on a number of his classic hits. Now…we know why! Love Fellowship Crusade Choir are calling all members, former and current to come together for a reunion concert and recording!

Remember, Bishop Hez, Donald Lawrence and Ricky Dillard did a special tribute to the late Olanda Draper, taking us back to the phenomenal days of big choirs. I wonder if this got the ball rolling because we also hear that Donald Lawrence is pulling Tri-City back together. I love it…..choirs are back!!!!!!

Source: Praise 106.1


  1. Amen... Definite want to hear them sing:

    "Oh I Feel Jesus"

    Oh I feel Jesus all over me
    Blessing me caressing me
    It's Jesus making me whole
    It's Jesus in my soul

    When I cry, He comforts me
    When I'm alone, He's company
    When I'm sad, He makes me glad
    The best friend I've ever had
    Though I've failed He's faithful to me
    Every day a brand new mercy
    The passion I have for Him is so real
    Worship is just how I feel

    My soul, my soul, my soul it loves Jesus
    My soul, my soul, it's Jesus in my soul
    Oh it's Jesus in my soul

    Oh, oh, oh my soul
    Yes, yes, yes

    And oh yeah...
    "We Made It"

    We made it, we survived
    When the enemy came in to threaten our lives
    God lifted a standard
    Devine protection
    No weapon formed
    Shall prosper against us
    I made it this far, by faith
    My future's brighter than my today
    I'm holding on to my praise, I made it
    I survived
    I'm a Survivor! [x3]

    Let's Stand in liberty
    Let's Walk in unity
    Let's Pray continually
    We made it
    We made it [x3]

    And Ooooh, my favorite:


    Jehovah Jireh, my provider,
    My strong tower, my everything.
    Through the hurt and pain, He's my relief;
    Celebrate His name.

    Let's all celebrate,
    Let's all celebrate,
    Let's all celebrate, Jesus, our Lord and King.

    Let's all celebrate,
    Let's all celebrate, celebrate His name.

    [Vamp 1:]
    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
    Jesus, our Lord and King.

    Jesus, Jesus,
    Celebrate His name.

    [Vamp 2:]
    Let's all celebrate, let's all celebrate.
    Let's all celebrate, let's all celebrate.

    Let's all celebrate, let's all celebrate,
    Celebrate His name.

    [Vamp 1]

    [Vamp 3:]
    Let's all celebrate, let's all celebrate.
    Let's all celebrate, let's all celebrate.

    I can't wait.
    I don't know why this concert is so cheap...Only $75 for VIP seating...
    MY LORD...The Lord is good...

  2. uh oh.. here we go again, lol.

  3. 2 major errors in this article.
    Monique's last name is not Moore and it never has been. Please correct.
    Also Monique was not married when LFC started. They got married after the choir started.
    Former choir member here.

    1. Christian Pentecostal, thanks for the clarification but if you notice the article is Praise 106.1 article....I only posted what they had posted on their site.


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