Get Out Of Here John MacArthur: The Spanish-speaking World “Don’t Know Christ.”

Reader book author and Bible teacher, "John MacArthur has bad news for the Spanish-speaking world:

 You don't know Christ, you don't know the Gospel, and you don't know Scripture. 

 In a recent video, John MacArthur ends his announcement with a mind-numbing statement about why he is so supportive of a conference he’s not personally attending:

 “I want to say also that I support that conference 100 percent. I’m deeply committed to the tremendous importance of proclaiming the true Gospel in the Spanish-speaking world. We all understand that people in the Hispanic world know about Jesus Christ. They know about the Bible. They know about God. They know about salvation– at least, in some ways. They have biblical terminology because of the impact, historically, of the Roman Catholic church. But they don’t know Christ. And they don’t know the Gospel of grace. And they don’t know the full revelation of Scripture. So, this is a critical, God-ordained conference.”

In my opinion, it's a classic case of how far too many Calvinist leaders see their brand of Christianity as being the only legitimate form of Christianity-- and that everyone else, doesn't make the cut.   It’s Calvinism, not Christianity, that isn’t growing well in the Spanish-speaking world. This is a classic case of believing that Calvinism is the one, true, pure Christianity, and a failure to even pay mental assent to the diverse traditions of the Christian faith."


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