Fix It Jesus: Why The List Of Featured Preachers/presenters For The Progressive National Baptist Church Annual Session Has No Women?

Reader question, why in 2016, would any Black Church denomination host an entire annual session and not feature one Black woman? According to some this is a fail and the Progressive National Baptist Convention should be ashamed of itself.

"This culture of patriarchy in many black churches puts women and children in a compromised position. It relegates women to praying grandmothers, ushers, and secretaries—roles that are critical to maintaining the culture of the church, but considered marginal in its operation. This culture meanwhile confines children to roles of entertainment, good for Easter speeches and children’s chorale selections on youth Sundays, but worthy of neither respect nor, often times, civility. What’s more, the youth who consistently see women in positions of powerlessness and children in positions of vulnerability will likely either maintain these traditions of patriarchy or eventually leave the church all together upon entering adulthood." 

Do you agree?


  1. The Progressive National Baptist Convention supposedly have high regard for women in ministry. Looking at the pictures, they are progressive pastors, but the line up could be a coincidence. However, I agree with the Facebook quote. The black church does exploit women and children for its purposes. Hopefully, this was a mistake and will not happen in 2017. It past time for the church to stop exploiting folk.

    1. I applaud The Progressive National Baptist Convention for promoting what The Bible promotes. To say women are exploited in the church is to say God is doing the exploiting because it's His Word we adhere to. But to lay such a charge against God is ignorant... Either we uphold the teachings of Scripture or we start our own thing but don't call it Christian...

  2. What church does this writer attend? I've attended several types of churches, and the majority of the parishioners are women. Over the last 20 years there has been a major shift in church leadership with the rise of first lady as co-pastor and with the overall administration of the church. It appears that most of the men who I see in leadership are just a face, but the women are running the show.

    The homosexuals use the term "patriarchal hierarchy" to critique and justify advocacy for people who rebel against God's plan, to promote gender & queer equality. Anytime you see someone going off on the "patriarchy" rant (which is really a rant against God's plan for His creation) to promote gender equality, it should invoke a frowny face and side eye if not a response of correction. This whole critique, or shall I say push to over throw men as leaders is coming from the Satanic agenda to place women not equal to but in dominance over men, and make children as prominent as adults. Stop trying to bring the world's ideas into the church.

    This writer is insinuating that God's order in His church, exploits thus victimizes women and children, which is not true. Everyone has a place of importance, but we all need to know our roles. Men are to lead, women are to help, children are to be reared; what type of "respect" do we need to give to children who don't pay bills, and are not spiritually mature? We already have the negotiation generation amongst us. Out of order!

    As for featuring women, sure if you hold a conference, yes there should be a workshop led by women elders to teach the young women in the faith. But I will never have a woman preaching or teaching my husband. No ya role!

    1. PREACH ChelleBelle...oops.
      My bad...I forgot...I shouldn't say preach to a female.

      NICE to hear you "keeping it biblical". Amen. Absolutely correct! GOD bless you for your insight, and the passion of strength you show as a godly woman. keep seeking the Lord for His wisdom so to play out His call for the role He placed you in. I'm praying the Lord continue to use you to model His grace to women, young and old.
      I pray in the same manner for your husband as well.

  3. I am not homosexual. However, I do use the patriarchy in manner it is described in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.


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