Fix It Jesus: 'Prophetess' Indicted for Stealing Funds Intended to Feed Children!

Reader a Memphis TN, woman was indicted on charges that she allegedly stole federal grant money intended to feed hungry children. Jeannette Jives-Nealy who operated Kingdom Dominion Worldwide Ministries in Memphis used more than $162,000 in taxpayer money meant for children on herself, a new audit says. The Tennessee Comptroller’s office and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) allege that Jeannette Jives-Nealy stole $162,165 in grant funds through her Kingdom Dominion Worldwide Ministries, Inc.

Jives-Nealy got the funds through the Summer Food Service Program for Children, a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) program administered by the Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS). The program is intended to provide free meals to children living in economically disadvantaged areas during the summer months. Jives-Nealy, who calls herself “Pastor Prophetess Jeannette Jives Nealy” on the ministry’s Facebook page, claimed she fed thousands of children, but investigators said all of the money was converted to personal use.

"When you want something bad enough, you are going to do what it takes to get what you want.." This woman calls herself a prophet…. But her actions doesn't match what she preaches.Jives-Nealy had already served time for stealing $200,000 from a program to aid disabled children in Florida - when she got out of jail, she got a job in Tennessee where she could steal hundreds of thousands from another children's program. Sounds like someone forgot to do a background check.


  1. Money is probably the #1 reason in the top 5 list as to why people want to have nothing to do with church. This just magnifies the problem.

  2. Not to excuse this woman for her actions, given her claim to be a Christian and all, but really, $162K is a drop in the bucket compared to the millions and billions of dollars many steal and get away with. Like Andrew Caspersen, a banker, who defrauded investors and charitable organization, of $95 million. Caspersen was released on $5 million bail, and let go under the condition the seek mental-health treatment along with treatment for substance abuse. And even higher with the Clintons (Bill and Hilary) who reeps boo-coo cash from their Clinton Foundation to line their pockets.

    I'm sure this lady put to proper use some of the funds that did help impact children. And really in a lot of these cases, it's more mismanagement than stealing. She at least seemed to want to aid the under-privileged. Can't say that about a lot of those other greedy mega preacher dogs. And by the way, her problem is more than the money. She really needs to get rid of the title "prophetess". I believe that's where all her trouble started.

    1. People have been using religion for centuries to steal from the poor. Just look around Charlotte and the communities with the highest concentration of churches. They are communities with higher rates of poverty with churches that is the most expensive thing in the community, with no return on investment.

    2. I agree, compared to some of the other non-profit hustles, this is not a lot. The major difference is, that a part of the church mandate is charity. Child hunger and malnutrition in America is a real problem. I've volunteered at soup kitchens in Cali who get way less money to operate programs, so I know that money in TN could've went a looong way seeing that she already had a venue to serve food, and probably had a food vendor & delivery service to get the program going. Shame on her, I hope she has to pay the money back.

    3. I agree that's not a lot of money. I am not advocating for people to steal, but when you compare other folks to black folks who embezzle and steal money, we steal so little. Is it worth it?

    4. Paying back the money is just a start. This heffa has the nerve to flash the diamonds, makeup, and weave that she purchased with money that was taken from a HUNGRY CHILD!!!. I can just imagine what she drive and do she pay rent or own a home??

      Apparently she has a wicked sprit to take and don't care who she's taking from to make herself feel special in the eyes of the people that she have deceived over and over. I do not have patience for people that purposely mistreat a child.

      When they lock her A$$!! up this time!!! Give her one meal a day for the next 20-30 years.......

  3. Anybody can give themselves a title and put the word ministry on a building!!!
    It's what's in your heart and the deeds you carry out that matters.
    Pray for this misguided being because she has some reckoning to do.


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