Dr. Earl Carter Latest Video Might Have Caused COGIC To Distanced Itself From Its Own Publication??

Reader, somebody head should roll for this blunder.  It seems that Dr. Earl Carter has one up on the leadership over at COGIC, and has caused some leaders in the organization to distanced themselves from their own publication by claiming that they did not know what was being printed and delivered to the youth through the International Youth Department. Come on somebody have dropped the ball here.

The Church Of God In Christ, otherwise known as "COGIC", the largest organized Pentecostal/Holiness church in the United States primarily led by Black ministers and leaders, was at least until recently, offering through the National Youth Department, comprehensive sex education in what was called the "Men Of Valor Training Manual." This is sloppy to say the least.

The COGIC youth department's teaching manual, in which young men were taught how to have sex rather than how to avoid sex and sexual activity, or even examine sexual consideration in light of scripture. In fact, the booklet even suggests making provisions for sexual acts normally associated with homosexual behavior.



  1. How any of their high ranking officials not know that such a manual like this exists is beyond me. Either someone is lying or someone is defiled, knowing and promoting under the influence of Satan. The elder who reported to Earl Carter, and Earl Carter himself have some legitimate concerns. Again as this entire conflict between Elder Carter and Blake pans out, the actions of Earl Carter, as a lil old country preacher, trump all the grandiose of the entire Board in their purple and jewelry. EARL CARTER not only exposed the existence of this evil document to many, but preached with fervor against the lies contained in it. However, the great Board and all their auxiliary and court, only got to plead ignorant, write a letter of apology, and throw the document away. And I believe just by their simple actions, this grand old Board wii continue to allow these acts as described as "Valor" in this document, to continue to be part of the culture of their organizaction. The devil, once exposed, will begin to operate more subtlety now. #juanitaHater...

  2. Satan is cunning.


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