Congratulation Angela Simmons: Today It's Normal For A Preacher Kid To Have A Baby Outside Of Marriage!

Reader Angela Simmons, ran a good race but she didn't make it to the finish line she was almost there because she is engaged. See this is why we all should be very careful about what it is we say.  Young women around the world looked up to Angela Simmons because she was a Christian who was vocal about her virginity until marriage. We all watched the tv series "RUN'S HOUSE" and we all heard about Angela Simmons preaching about staying a virgin until she's married.

Well, when you're in the public eye people are WATCHING and LISTENING!!! And they don't forget. I'm not one to judge simple because I have no room to judge, but when you make a vow to God, you may have forgotten but God didn't. The most dangerous thing a woman of celibacy can do is get into a relationship with a man who is not walking on that same path.  One of you guys are going to influence the other and unfortunately after all these years of being a virgin, "our good role model" Angela was persuaded to the bedroom.

I agree with alot of the online chatter that she's a grown woman and can make her choices. However, the fact that SHE Angela Simmons made it the public's business and spoke out PERSONALLY to young women preaching virginity and stressed that to them, they are now looking at her sideways for an explanation.  Source:


  1. Folks need to go read her interview in January on the breakfast club, THEN form your opinion. She basically said no one would EVER trap her into getting pregnant because she's not even having sex. Plus, she's waiting til marriage. Engagement and marriage are two different things. 4 months ago, she was saying it just wouldn't be her and now she looks 3-4 months pregnant.

  2. Betty Sue WoodsSaturday, 28 May, 2016

    Another lying Christian, her decision to not remain a virgin is her business. I simply don't understand why she chose to make a public statement (less than two weeks ago) denying her pregnancy. None of this is our business but if you chose to speak on it, at least speak the truth.

  3. Well, #1, you keep ya mouth shut until you get married and then talk big AFTER you've accomplished not having sex before marriage, like my wife and I did.

  4. But honestly, why would you take a picture like that?

  5. But honestly, why would you take a picture like that?


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