Alright Now, Pastor Jamal Bryant Addresses Baby Rumors!

Reader, earlier in the month news leaked that Pastor Jamal Bryant, founding pastor of Empowerment Temple,  had secretly fathered a child he was not taking care of [click here if you missed that]. Pastor Bryant has broken his silence on the recent controversies surrounding him. However, he has neither admitted nor denied the allegation that he's the father of a 10-month-old boy to a massage therapist, who also claimed that the pastor had begged her to have an abortion. Pastor Bryant has addressed some of those allegations by telling his faithful followers on Periscope that he was not able to directly address certain topics because of legal constraints but assured his flock that he has never run from a responsibility in his life. Pastor Bryant also warned his congregants to expect his sermon this coming Sunday to be about the Lord and not Jamal.

What do you think?


  1. If he's never run from his responsibilities then WHY not acknowledge (include)the other child that's out of wedlock AND WHY did he ask this lady to abort the child and try to pay her hush $$$ ?

    Jamal, I don't think people believe youuuuuu. As the saying goes, you are known by your fruits...... and JHB your your fruit is rotten and has turned to bad wine

  2. Let me decipher Jamal's attempt at speaking in tongues

    "he was not able to directly address certain topics because of legal constraints"

    He knows it's his child, he just wants to delay paying child support for ANOTHER BABY MOMMA until he can get his money together.

    "he has never run from a responsibility in his life"

    He's never run from his responsibilities ONCE HE HAS BEEN CAUGHT LYING!!!

    "this coming Sunday to be about the Lord and not Jamal."

    He won't address it in church until he can come up with some catchy urban response he can turn into a sermon.

  3. He's the dad, its apparent by his response.
    He is also letting everyone know that he is legally taking care of this child (obvisouly court ordered Im sure).
    Honestly, because He's not my Pastor, he owes nothing to me.
    HOWEVER, if congregants still sit under this man its probably because there is a majority that is in the same boat as he is in i.e. active adultery, active fornication, active request for abortions, active SIN.
    His members probably are also only there for the hype and the emotional sensationalism he preaches.

    Just my thoughts. Congregants are a mirror of their Pastor in most circumstances. If the Pastor is doing it, you better believe the congregation is doing it to.

    1. I agree with your response. A congregation is a reflection of their pastor. This is why Bryant has so much controversy surrounding his ministry. People should pray about joining any ministry before "signing the dotted line." Not all churches truly preach the whole Bible, therefore, we should seek out these ministries carefully and prayerfully.

    2. EXACTLY!!!

      Saying Anything other than, "IT AIN'T MINE" means
      ITS HIS CHILD!!!

  4. Can somebody please explain to me why a CHURCH CONFERENCE needs a massage therapist???

    1. I wonder often massage therapists are hired for all the big conferences

  5. He's not the first nor the last to have sex as a pastor. Our nation has major issues that are destroying the black communities. The is not your GOD!!! NO different from that CEO or your supervisors. ..


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