Why Did Hillary Clinton Appearance At Christian Cultural Center Church This Morning, Make Mad Some Of The Saints???

Reader there were so many negative responses to Hillary Clinton coming to Christian Cultural Center today that Pastor AR Bernard had to take to social media to calm the Clinton haters down.
"To the immature and the narrow minded, a photo is not an endorsement. I'll talk to whoever wants to listen!"-ARB
According to Christian Cultural Center members, Pastor Bernard has given an opportunity to all electorates. He has made it a custom to give all politicians a chance to see how they sell themselves and how they influence people.



  1. Individuals that run for the Whitehouse put on a mask like the Pharisees did in the Bible to “act” as Christians but behind closed doors they were partakers of evildoings. Bush masked himself, the Clintons, Obama, now Trump is doing it. You even have Hillary going into these black churches and these preachers allowing this woman to walk in the pulpit and do that “preach talk”, trying to sound black as if she knows some scriptures. I remember Al Gore doing the exact same thing faking acting like he some preacher. Disgusting. All in all, the N.W.O. wants to reboot humanity into something contrary and totally against the original intent of God’s creation. Just read the Jaffe Memo of 1969 written by Frederick S. Jaffe who was the V.P. of Planned Parenthood. Again, doubters will say, this document was just a play on words and a hypothesis. REALLY? This mess is working and functioning today.

  2. YOU HAVE TO BE APPROVED AND ALLOWED TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. It's all about their timing and they monitor the public thought process along with controlling their minds through the Internet because after all, them and satan design the whole thing through CERN and DARPA. (That’s a whole different back story.) They have to keep the masses lost to what is actually going on to make people believe that what they are viewing is real. All of the speeches, campaigning, voting, it’s all WWE RAW Wrestling on steroids but at a higher level. A demonic level controlled by demons. Call me crazy, I don't care. I know I sound like I'm nuts but when you put the pieces of the puzzle together since the passing of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 it all makes sense. Especially when Pres. Woodrow Wilson years later admitted after signing the Fed Reserve Banking system and said, “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country.” Here’s one; FDR said; “Presidents are selected, not elected.” Doubters will turn on the person making this statement by FDR by making fun of them and turn it into a joke and say, conspiracy theorist!! Or they’ll flip what FDR actually said and they’ll say, well he really didn’t mean it the way he said it, it was just a play on words and then they think they’ve won the debate, when they have no clue.

  3. I personally don't see the need for pastors to give politicians the platform for speaking at the church. These pastors being bought for fortune or fame has to stop... parishioners, if your pastor is taking photos with a politician, be alarmed, because maybe they have sold their souls....


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