Prophet Brian Carn Call Out Christians Who Celebrate The Pagan Holiday Easter With A All White, Passover Service!??!?!

Reader social media said it's amazing how Open Rebuke can bring out some truth. It looks like Prophet Brian Carn is getting somewhat of  a pushback over the following comment and video:
We had the courage to overcome Holloween, Santa Claus, and other traditions that are not biblically sound. Let us now challenge the mixture of Easter (Ishtar), Good Friday, Sunrise service with the truth about the Passover. It takes courage to discard strong but inaccurate traditions and to embrace the truth. ‪#‎Traditions‬ of man vs the commandments of God.


  1. Why does this man continue to get invites for speaking engagements? I cannot imagine attending any event with which he is involved and if I unwittingly ended up at an event with him involved, I would gather my belongings and leave ASAP.

    1. Well Anonymous, he has a platform and its' be given from these Bishops, Apostles, and Ministers. And I must admit, he's good at the way he speaks and this is what lures the people in. And MONEY, LOL...

  2. He is a hypocrite!!!

    At 17:45 of his video he talks about how pastors don't (or shouldn't)use gimmicks to bring people to church.

    But he promotes "himself" as a prophet making all kinds of predictions about the weather, celebrates, a rappers marriage or other vague information that doesn't affect on anything at all (example: "the Pope will get sick, but he'll be alright" 😳. So why even bother to mention it?).

    He uses this "GIMMICK" to bring people to see him (often charging admission).


    While we are on Brian Carn. I wonder how far that African forensic IT team (THAT HE HIRED)has gotten in finding out Who put the video of him and HIS PSYCHIC FRIEND on YouTube.
    (I guess it's to difficult for them to READ the title of who posted the video)

    1. He himself is a gimmick!

    2. Elizabeth WelterSaturday, 02 April, 2016

      So if he do not believe in the Resurrection do that mean he's not saved?


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