Pastor Dwight McKissic Wants SBC To Refuse To Accept Or Be Associated With The Confederate Flag.

Reader Pastor Dwight McKissic wants SBC to renounce the confederate flag. Pastor Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, recently submitted a resolution for possible consideration at the SBC annual meeting urging individuals and both public and private institutions to discontinue use of the Confederate flag “as a step in good faith toward racial healing” in a country in many ways still divided by race.  Pastor McKissic said “racial tensions and ongoing bigotries are inflamed” by continued use of the Confederate flag, which “is utilized as a symbol of racial, ethnic, and religious hatred, oppression, and murder which offends untold millions of people.”

He is asking the nation’s second-largest faith group behind Roman Catholics to acknowledge “the controversial and necessarily divisive symbol of racism conveyed by the ongoing public display” of the Confederate flag and call on all people to “work diligently to remove vestigial symbols of racism from public life as evidence of the fruits of repentance that we have made for our past bigotries.” Russell Moore, head of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, is on record as saying that displaying the Confederate flag as a symbol of pride “is out of step with the justice of Jesus Christ.”

 Resolution on The Elimination of The Confederate Flag from Public Life (by Wm Dwight McKissic, Sr.)


  1. I am SO glad that I am not caught up in this CONFUSION. God directed my path and led me to Germany and married a German girl (now 34 years) and we have 3 beautiful children (NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN...IF ANYTHING GERMAN AMERICAN). They, as well as I (a black man) wasn't born nor ever have been to Africa. I don't care what label WE put on ourselves..I KNOW WHO GOD MADE ME TO BE! Thank God HE has delivered me from this devilish mindset. God makes me who I am NOT A FLAG..ANY FLAG. BTW, I thank God for my Southern up-bringing from my Preacher Dad who taught me that God is the creator of all races. In Christ alone, RLR.

  2. Jesus was full of grace and truth! I read the resolution and I agree that the Church of Jesus Christ must stand on the side of racial reconciliation!

  3. Thank you Pastor McKissic for daring to be bold on this issue. The enemy don't like it. The Blood of Jesus cover you.


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