Oh My God, Gospel Choir Put The Oil On Prince "I Would Die For You!

Reader Gospel singer Trey McLaughlin and a group of talented singers have produced a video of them performing a live arrangement of the late megastar Prince's hit song 'I Would Die For You,' exchanging lyrics for Christian truths. "Jesus Died For You!" the group exclaims, with gloriously tight harmonies. Full of funky breakdowns and ascending vocal fusions, this is an incredible tribute to the musician who touched so many lives over his lengthy career. Check it out below. I LOVE IT!



  1. I'm done.................................................

  2. You can't watch half of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY43HTWqONw

  3. I mean what can I say...the harmony is off the chain, the finger popping, the seat rocking to the rythym of the beat, the lyric Jesus died for you is on point. I'm quite sure Prince is praising God with them...LOL...

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  5. Ms. Ann I just love this Prince tribute they did a great Job.Thanks for posting.

  6. HAHAH, I really like this, and I'm not ashamed to say so. This is a way to evangelize. Will we sing this during a church service? No. But there is a place for this. I'm jamming it at work right now. Would love to crank it up in my truck!

  7. I love it. I also love me some pickled pig feet and chicken necks...

  8. I couldn't help but to notice that many in the group are overweigut. Obesity is a huge problem in the black community. Diabetes and heart disease are high causes of death especially among African American women. We really need to address these health issues. One thing to not about Prince aside from his music is the attention he seemed to pay to his body. Prince was more than a "musical genius. Maybe the leaders of some of these choirs can come up with song to prince's music that would hone in on lyrics on how holy spirit would give self control (fruit of the spirit) and discipline to wisely stay away from fatty foods high in carbs and cholesterol.

  9. To God be the Glory!!!


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