Lord Have Mercy Tina Campbell Shares How a Cheating Scandal Helped Reveal Her Black Girl Magic???

Reader as long as Tina is able to "sell" her testimony, we will continue to hear of it. It's sad that such private aspects of her life can be traded for the all mighty dollar. When their reality show first came on I would enjoy watching it. Now it's so obvious that it's scripted it's a hot mess. I guess all that one can say at this point is....Tina make your paper girl.

Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Shares How a Cheating Scandal Helped Reveal Her #BlackGirlMagic


  1. My question is, "If she found her Black Girls MagiClub why is she still so grumpy, curmudgeonly and mean?".

    She never seems to put out the joy of the Lord and I for one am weary of her rehashing. From the tid bits I've seen of her Teddy still looks unhappy and a bit afraid.

  2. I AM SOOOO TIRED OF HOW WE (EVEN IN THE CHURCH) CONTINUE TO BELITTLE OURSELVES TO THIS THING CALLED 'BLACK CULTURE'. WHEN ARE WE EVER GOING TO 'GET IT' THAT GOD CREATED ALL RACES. I DON'T HAVE TO PROVE MYSELF TO ANYONE (EXCEPT LOVE THE BRETHEREN) BUT GOD. Why don't we take the blinders off and let God reveal (even JESUS) to us what he showed Paul on the Damascus Road. The CHRISTIAN CHURCH really need to wake up. Btw, I'm a black man and someone has to PREACH it. May the Holy Spirit truely touch our heart.

  3. Wow, one of the best comments ever mad on this website over the last 3 to 4 years I have been reading this blog. I am also a "black man" whatever that is.

  4. I am a man of God first and foremost. A spiritual Jew as in Romans 2:28 & 29


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