Joel Osteen Says He's Not Cheating People by Not Preaching About Hell, Do You Agree?

Reader, I'm not sure if we are reading from the SAME bible. NO repentance, NO warning about hell?! Is Joel Osteen a motivational SPEAKER OR preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. What do you guys think?

Last month Texas megachurch leader Joel Osteen was asked on CBS News' "Sunday Morning" program if he feels "like you're cheating people by not telling them about the Hell part? Or repentance part?" Osteen replied that "No, I really don't, because it's a different approach" and that "I say most people are beaten down enough by life. They already feel guilty.


  1. Joel Osteen is Biblically illiterate and/or a coward.

    How does someone call themselves PASTOR and NOT teach about hell???

    Would you trust a doctor who omits the dangers of smoking?

    How about a parent that doesn't tell their child WHY they shouldn't play in the street or talk to strangers

    Joel is a motivational speaker wearing the mask of a Christian. He is the man behind the curtain in the "Wizard of Oz".

    if you can't preach the WHOLE GOSPEL then you are NOT a pastor and you need to allow someone with bigger kahunas to step in and preach THE ENTIRE TRUTH.


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