Dr. Tony Evans Says America Is In Serious Trouble!

Reader, according to one of America's greatest preachers of all times Dr. Tony Evans, America is in serious trouble.  Thanking God for pastors like you that aren't afraid to stand on God's word and tell the truth to all you can reach. Thank you for being God's vessel.

Dr. Evans posted the following to social media yesterday which since has gone viral:

 From sea to shining sea we are witnessing the devolution of a nation. Regardless on which side of the political aisle you sit, it is clear that things are unraveling at warp speed. The United States is quickly becoming the divided states as disunity and conflicts abound. From the family breakdown, to the immigration crisis to the abiding racial divide to congress’ inability to function, it is clear we are a nation unraveling. Add to this the continuing moral decay that is engulfing us whether it is the redefinition of marriage and the family, abortions on demand, a media that continues to dumb down decency, or an educational system that increasingly seeks to impart information without ethics in the name of a warped definition of freedom, we are as a nation sliding south fast. 

You can read the rest here:


  1. 100% agree. Complete and total moral decay and getting worse by the moment. TV, social media, and music is absolutely demonic. Profanity is just how you talk now. I mean this clown I played keys for cursed in the pulpit and thought it was cute and funny. I was outta there. The luciferian doctrine and satanic writings from 33rd degree Freemason, Albert Pike in his book, "Morals & Dogma" is being orchestrated today in D.C. It's sickening. Trust me when I say, Jesus is their enemy not Islam. I work in IT at a University and this is the demonic foolishness they are teaching. This is what is being indoctrinated into kids. 1. Do what thou wilt (Teachings from Aleister Crowley) 2. Doubt there is a God 3. And finally, you are a god. However, Jesus Christ will win. I don't care what the world says in thinking that he's a myth.

    1. Timezone...your comment is the best I've read on this blog. You have a very good grip on the simple biblical saying uttered "wickedness in high places". Satan is even using some of these prominent ministry that many laud. His intent to destroy Islam and all religion is really his ultimate goal to get rid of Christ and Christianity. He is a master deceiver and sets out a lot of smoke screens. This is the main reason I harp so much against black gospel music, mixing in the profane. And you really nailed it about free masonry, Crowley (do as thou wilt) and other high altars of wickedness. Spot on my brother. SPOT ON...

    2. Thx Anonymous. It's just so crazy what's truly going on behind the "Iron Curtain" in this world and within government it's not even funny. We're all concerned about who will be President and not concerned about truth and teaching truth in the church. In 1987 when I was in the 7th grade(I'm telling my age, lol) way before the Internet, I saw a book in the library talking about the New World Order and thought it was a fantasy. I started checking out that stuff as I got older. The best way I can put this is 2 Cor 2:11 "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices." From the illuminati to freemasonry, these are just a spec of some of satan's tools and that idiot satan is crackin' his side laughing at folks who thinks it's a conspiracy theory.

    3. please enlighten those of us who are in the dark about the demonic of Freemasonry...


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