Church Announcement: Tye Tribbett The Bloody Win Live Recording!

Reader Pastor Ron Carpenter JR. and The Redemption church family in Greenville, SC has open their doors for two – time GRAMMY, Soul Train, Dove and Stellar Award winner Tye Tribbett for his next live recording THE BLOODY WIN.  A powerful and highly in demand artist, Tye’s music ministry is a gift to all who experience it – and on Friday, May 6th he will unleash a new body of work for his upcoming album release. The recording will take place at The Redemption Center in Greenville, South Carolina. It’s a free concert, open to the public and is destined to be life-changing.


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  2. I remember back in 2007, the church I used to attend... they hosted that Gospel Heritage Praise & Worship Awards fiasco. They turned the front lobby into a Mall ya'll. Clothes, shoes and even music equipment was being sold. I'm totally serious. Now, Tye was there and made like a guest appearance unannounced. He walked out and you would've thought Jesus himself walked in. It was ridiculous. I wasn't star-struck like everybody else cause I was towards the end of my tenure there cause I kept seeing the foolishness of what goes on behind closed doors. Anyway, this bloody thing? It's all pomp and fanfare to draw a crowd to get the flesh going. Emotional high stuff.. that's all. I don't care what anybody says. This is the same man that said basically he doesn't recognize homosexuality as necessarily a "sin per se". lol. Okay, let me go in. Let me tell ya'll how crazy it is. There was a choir my wife used to sing with. They went on the road to sing at a conference. This choir was part of a WELL KNOWN TV MINISTER WHO MAKES BIG TIME MONEY. When the choir stayed at the hotel, choir members were going from room to room sleeping with each other. My wife went off on everybody and told the praise leader. He actually looked at my wife as the trouble maker!!! This praise leader clown was like look, sometimes you gotta let off some steam when you go on the road. Is is sinful what's going on, he said yes. He finally admitted and said he'll bring this up to the Pastor. This well known pastor did have enough guts to sit some folks down, but to make a long story short, he kept most of the members in the choir and alot who were homosexual and who still sing in the choir to this day. Folks the gospel music and the church itself is a mess. Pray and do Romans 16:17-18 17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

    18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

  3. This is a "bloody" mess...

  4. this picture is borderline blasphemous... for any artist to pose with bloodstain pictures like they're Jesus Christ is dead wrong... I can't stand the clowns that makes up what we call Gospel music... this is all flesh and talent, not the anointing of God....

  5. Um aside from the first poster, look at yall judging with no facts. It was a great concert it was some moments where i felt concerned but the blood on his shirt is from war. He is calling us to fight spiritual warfare against this culture. To stop being timid and to fight. As a young adult christian I enjoyed it and wished my children were there because it music they can enjoy.

    1. I heard that some folks didn't get paid? Is that true?

    2. My question is, any clue as to why the display of something physical like "blood" to talk about something spiritual? In my opinion, the other posters weren't judging. One said "a bloody" mess, the other said the picture is borderline blasphemous. I see nothing wrong with that.


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