Church Announcement: Pastor Marvin Winans to Host 2016 Holy Convocation at Pastor Dwight McKissic’s Cornerstone Church!

Reader turn to your neighbor and say "THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN"! Join Bishop Marvin L. Winans and the Perfecting Fellowship International Family for Holy Convocation 2016 "One Voice One Sound" in Arlington, TX! Come and be blessed as thousands gather from as far as London England, South Africa and other amazing cities and countries for 6 days of Faith, Fellowship, and Fun.


  1. I've wondered if there's any accuracy to the claim that was made some time ago. There were numerous reports that Marvin Winans does not publicly bless children born outside marriage?

    Were/are those claims accurate?

    1. Anonymous it's not true that Bishop Marvin Winans does not bless children born out of wedlock. What he does not do is acknowledge them in front of the congregation, he will bless children in private.

    2. Thank you for the response Miss Ann. As I said, I've wondered about this. I will admit, I find this troubling.

      So many people claim a Pro Life stance, yet it seems in my humble opinion that stance does not trickle down to the actual human beings God gives life to.

      If God himself allowed life to come about, I just can't feel okay about a private blessing. But I'm not a member of his congregation so I can just file this under the category of things I will never understand.

      Again, thank you for the response...

  2. I admire Bishop Elect Winans. For the fact that he has a successful reformation and does not carry the title Bishop. There are so many FB and Twitter Bishops who have no church but carry that title. Many clergyman have made a jock of the position of Bishop.


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