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Trump says he’s fulfilled his promises to Christians, but he really means white evangelicals

Reader according to The Washington Post, it sounds like 45 will be fulfilling no more campaign promises made to white conservative evangelicals. I repeat, in "my opinion", white conservative evangelical Christians are among the very worst people this country has every produced. Given half a chance, they would re-institute slavery, stone women to death in the streets for adultery (but never the men), legalize rape, execute homosexuals en masse, cart Jews off to the gas chambers, and set the world on fire all in the name of their god. We know this because they tell us that's what they want to do. They're proud of their hate until you call them monsters. Then you're attacking their faith and they're being "persecuted." 


Church Announcement: Bystanders Beat The Crap Out Of Youth Pastor Caught Molesting A 6-year-old Boy!

Reader a Cedar Hill, Texas, youth pastor who was caught in the act while sexually attacking a 6-year-old child last Thursday is now facing two aggravated sexual assault charges. The good samaritans who spotted the man with the child attacked him and gave him a beating to stop him from causing further harm. FOX 4 reports that Willie Lee Bell Jr., 29, was in the process of sexually assaulting a 6-year-old boy behind an apartment complex when a few good samaritans witnessed it.  Dallas police arrested Bell who was a youth pastor at First United Methodist Church of Cedar Hill. Authorities say he lured the kindergartner behind an apartment, where he molested him. Bell is also implicated in a February sexual assault of two other children, Fox4 reports. All victims are aged 6 and 7.



  1. People need to supervise their kids, no matter who they are with! Quit leaving your kids with folks all the time! There's a lot of molesters out here! Not ALL are in the churches!


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