Church Announcement: Bishop T.D.Jakes Presents Global Think Tank, One Of A Kind!

Reader some on social media are saying leave it to T.D. Jakes Ministries to lead/pioneer the way for this type of ministry.

Facebook comment:
 The man is a pioneering trailblazer.  One of the reasons his ministry has remained relevant for many years is because of cutting edge things like this. I have LONG said that we shouldn't be having all these pastors and leaders conferences without PROPERLY addressing these issues and how to deal with them beyond a praise break and a good cry. He didn't try to address it himself or alone. He called in a professional! *steps off soapbox* Dr. John Townsend is an AMAZING psychologist and author by the way. (One of my favorite series of books is the "Boundaries" series). Don't suffer while you serve.


  1. please, T.D. Jakes is an opportunist who robs the people of their money... If he was truly concerned about preachers/pastors, he will make this event free...

  2. How about having a conference to help pastors DISCERN if they should be in leadership?

    Or instructing pastors on what a TRUE servant of the Lord is SUPPOSE to do?

    How about learning how to run the church LIKE A CHURCH, instead acting like their the CEO's of their family owned start up business.

    THEN you would have fewer pastors with DEPRESSION and suffering while serving in a position they probably shouldn't have been put in from the start.

  3. P.S.
    like anonymous wrote,

    Why can't he do the conference for free???

  4. I gotta weigh more in on Jakes. I remember when he first started up in Good ol' West Virginia the area where my wife it from, he preached Holiness or Hell. He held nothing back. But like my all time favorite group Commissioned said in one part of their lyrics;"Success has deceived the world today
    Even in the church so many's gone astray
    We're living in a world of fantasy
    Blinded by the pleasures of this high society' Only what you do for Christ will Last.

    With that said since then, this man has said everything from (this is all true) in a live sermon Ruth and Naomi had a relationship that bordered lesbianism, he goes on to say it was the same for David and Jonathan. This man has also said that the homosexual community can co-exist with the church. He has had welcomed arms for the past and present Popes of the catholic church in which they are the embodiment of the false prophet antichrist spirit. He has sat on stage with New Age philosophers such as Deepak Chopra who does not believe Jesus is the Way, the truth and the Life. He has had the R&B group "Mindless Behavior" to perform at the Potterhouse. Jakes puts on a good front when he ministers. It's now all emotion to get you all warm and fuzzy inside. The church along with him Osteen, Carlton Pearson has collapse. The great falling away, but we haven't seen nothing yet. smh...

    1. very few talk about how T.D. Jakes got on the international stage... he didn't get on because of his preaching, he paid Carlton Pearson a lot of money to have him preach at AZUSA... (this came from Carlton Pearson's own mouth in an interview) Olsteen, Pearson, Jakes -they're all apart of the same camp (good fruit gone bad)...

    2. Anonymous I've never heard about Jakes paying Pearson for a come-up?? But I did hear that Pearson did give Jakes access to a lager platform at AZUSA.

  5. Timezone, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  6. Timezone, you took the words right out of my mouth.


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