Church Announcement: 2016 Full Gospel Conference, It's A Family Affair.

Reader touch your neighbor and ask are you ready for the Full Gospel International Conference June 28-30 in Orlando, FL? This year conference focus is more ‪FAITH‬, a closer ‪‎FAMILY‬, better ‎FINANCES‬, & increased ‪ ‎FITNESS. Join Presiding Bishop Joseph Walker III & church founder Bishop Paul S. Morton and ‪‎SHIFT now.


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    1. Timezone you don't like Ricky Smiley? Mr. Smiley have been apart of the church crowd for a long time now.

    2. Hey Ms. Ann! Did I tell you I like your new web interface? lol. Ok. I don't what you to think I'm some prude and don't like to have fun, haha. Comic relief is great, because after all Prov 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. It's just that when Rickey first started, it was cool, but in this world we live in you gotta compromise. Say stuff you know ain't godly. As you move up the chain in Hollyweird you gotta mix and mingle with the unsaved hip hop crowd. You can't say nothing about Jesus when you get in the room with them or it'll turn them off. Rickey did the dressing up as a woman thing like Tyler Perry. Everybody fell out laughing but not asking themselves, uh, isn't this like Rupaul. Drag Queen like? It's called comedy misdirection. Most people can't laugh and think at the sametime. Anytime comedy is involved we kinda put out guard down. So if Tyler Perry, Rickey Smiley, Steve Harvey or anybody black that's in comedy start cussin', we ignore it and just snicker and have a nervous laugh and keep going. I'm sorry call me overreacting, but this ain't God. There are pastor BISHOPS trying to pull this little cute stunts in church and thinking it's cute and funny. Hey they're just trying to be funny right?? Nope. All I'm saying is, yes I know, we're not perfect and we make mistakes. But we must be quick to repent and most of these "Christian" comics and gospel artist aren't doing that. Hollyweird and this entertainment world is a cesspool of sin to blind one's eye totally and completely from Christ. When I sneak a peek if you will, haha.. and listen to hear what Rickey and the crew have to say on that morning show, I'm not hearing Jesus anywhere, and when Jesus is mentioned, it's almost like a play on words or satire if you will. Then everything all over again turns into a laughing hysterical joke.

    3. I want to know what is the criticism of Tyler Perry and other comedians dressing in women clothing's when other actors such as the Three Stooges dressed in drags for years. Should we stop watching the Three Stooges because of this?

    4. Tyler Perry putting on a woman's garment, cussin' cuttin' up I'll criticize it all day long. Part of today's LGBT's agenda is to desensitize everything and I mean everything to where you see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Men are becoming softer than ever before. And speaking on Tyler Perry, In an interview the man said he doesn't believe in monogamy. And the church just turns a blind eye. And you bring up 3 Stooges. I guess we'll have to stop watching them too then since you brought up the 3 stooges.

  2. Its already starting, This is why I did not like Bishop Morton given the organization over to Joseph Walker. Walker is bringing in all types of spirits. Dr Jazz's sexuality is up for debate. Dr Todd Hall has a sketchy past and he attempts to scare and frighten people into given large offerings. Also, Ricky Smiley...smh.

    1. You are correct Anonymous. I'm done going to these gospel music workshops. Men walking in wearing hi-heels and purses!! SICKENING... God is looking down and just shaking his head. But this doesn't shake him one bit. We are in total Babylon near Sodom and Gomorrah. it's craaaazy...

  3. The word "gospel" and "registration" should never be on the same flier. Just what do they plan to accomplish from these conferences in a few days besides collecting money? A few paid days of fellowship entertained by a foolish character such as Rickey Smiley isn't going to do much good, if any.

    You can address faith, family, fitness, and finances for F-R-E-E free by implementing the following:

    FAITH: Remember that book aka the word of God (which doesn't list registered conferences as effective ministry)aka the Bible? Take an area of your life that is challenged, and study the Bible to see what it directs you to do. Do it, and your faith will increase! No hype man needed. Just a little reading & obedience for FREE.

    FAMILY: Call and check on a relative that may be in need of your love & charity. Intercede for your family! Fellowship with some elders in the faith, strengthen your Christian family by being an example of Christ.

    FITNESS: Park a block a way from your church and walk to the building. If your church is in the hood, exercise your faith and believe you'll get there safely. Invest in planting some veggies with your fam. Gardening is great exercise & the sunshine will give you some vitamin D. Plus many parables in the Bible use agricultural analogies & references. Family bonding...check! Educate yourself (you don't need no motivational speaker) and do a google search for GMO foods and farmers markets. Visit and view the extv post for Pharmakos...good stuff for free.

    FINANCES: Start a Cut-the-Cord savings fund. A lot of corruption is happening through cable tv. The devil is blatantly "channeling" evil through the tv "channels" and most people pay $100+/mo for it. Take that savings fund and help a WORKING poor family and pay some of their bills. Help them end that cycle of poverty. Are you still renting? Time to do like we used to do, call cousin-auntie-n-them, and make a plan to live together for a season/s. Save to buy a home. Home ownership is a pathway to wealth and Black homeownership is on the decline. Or here's the real one...STOP PAYING TITHES! Yes, I went there.

    Well, I could really get to preaching on this...for free. But no one will probably listen since my face isn't glistening on a fancy flier, and I don't come with a hype man. Just practical ideas rooted on the principles of Christianity. Let us use wisdom fam, we don't need to pay for another conference led by men who are not above reproach (who are charging $49.99 - $79.99 to be in their presence). So hide ya kids, hide ya wives, hide ya husbands! They about to rob church folks...again!

    1. FREE is the key word... lol... but we know these wolves aren't going to give away anything... didn't Paul Morton make enough money as the founder and presiding bishop? the same could be said about Dr. Jazz when she took that big check from the City of Praise when the rogue board hired her...

      why does the church feel the need to entertain the people? is not the Gospel enough?


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