China Court Rules Against Same-sex Couple's Marriage Application!

Reader an interesting comment from a Christian who is living in China:

You cannot be openly gay in China. Gay people cannot (for now) marry in China. Homosexuality is now no longer punishable with prison, but a hospital (mental illness). However, as it has been stated many times that China is in fact changing (it is) within the next 2 decades, things in China are going to come to a head.

The world - including China, is being conditioned so that it MUST accept the most perverted, wicked behaviors known to man, because bible prophecy must be fulfilled, this includes Communist China (actually China no longer adheres to true Communism as they dropped that way of life 25 years ago and is more Socialist/Capitalist today).

 But things are gradually changing, good or bad, they are changing. 30 years ago this gay couple would never have seen the footsteps of the court system, they would have been arrested by the secret police and never seen again. But again, things are changing here. This is why the gospel must reach the entire world BEFORE the end truly does come. My thoughts from China this morning.


China court rules against same-sex couple's marriage application


  1. Thoughts? God don't recognize homosexual marriage.


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