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Testimony Time: Dr. E. Dewey Smith Let Rickey Smiley Take Over The House Of Hope Pulpit!!

Reader Sunday October 8, 2017, Dr. E. Dewey Smith senior pastor of the House of Hope Atlanta Ga, allowed his friend and church family Comedian Rickey Smiley to grace his pulpit with an awesome testimony....plus a big plug for his new book.

Check it out below: 

Warning: Master Prophet Bernard Jordan Said The Prophets Should Not Be Getting Words From Psychics!

Reader Master Prophet Bernard Jordan has reached out to Prophet Brian Carn by  way of Periscope, and phone calls.  Master Prophet Bernard Jordan says it's crucial that Prophet Carn contact him as soon as possible, because time is running out.


  1. Thanks for the informative news flash that we shouldn't be listening to psychics

    You know things are bad when the "MASTER PROPHET" Bernard Jordan is the voice of reason.

    1. So his son distanced himself from him and his mother so to get major platforms with bigger names. He's back with him now...However, I'm not advocating or endorsing this man. I'm saying in this scope...he was scriptural and spiritually accurate and presented a great response.

    2. A Prophet with out a pastor is dangerous. Now that is a powerful word.


    How is B-Nard any different then any of these psychics?

    Charging money to prophesy over things that won't come to pass.

    1. yes, every time he opens his mouth it will cost you some money. Rev Ike's model.

      If he tells Brian anything, Brian better have his checkbook and add several zero's to the check.
      Big fraud and little fraud. Just sickim'

    2. Actually, Cop and Anonymous, it is biblical principle to bring the prophet a monetary gift for a prophetic oracle. (See 1 Samuel 9:6-10; 1 Kings 14:1-6 and 2 Kings 8:7-10).

  3. Master Prophet...LOL!!!! I'm sorry ya'll...Let me stop. This dude took a trip to India, sat down with spiritual gurus and prayed. So this joker broke bread, they prayed to their millions of gods and whatever Jordan prayed to, he did his thing. So what is this clown talking about here!!! lol...

  4. Say what he said that some men of God have gotten into the young prophet ear. Also Prophet Carn had turned on him and his family.

  5. Ms Ann, I am very leery of someone who has 900 numbers for prophecies and dubs their self "master prophet", but I'm midway through E. Bernard Jordan's periscope...and he is so on point regarding this Carn situation. He's speaking soberly, being candid regarding their history and honest about the emotions it brought out. But, he is speaking some truth. This is my first time giving this man any of my time (I couldn't get past the "prophecy a day" infomercials...STILL don't get peddling prophecies...and won't ever) and he is speaking some truth. He's doing it honestly and lovingly. I'd have never guessed the most wisdom I've heard about this debacle so far would be from him...

    1. So did Satan in the garden and even yet now speaking what sounds like the truth and sounding so honest yet just trying to get your attention suck you in then destroy you

  6. If you don't deal with "guilt",then you don't deal with sin. If you don't deal with sin ,then HOW can you be a true prophet of God?

  7. This kind of sound like a haha that's what you get for abandoning me.

  8. Ms. Ann I watched. My response: I will NEVER be a follower of his ministry. But right is right. He was on point.

    I still don't fool with him, though.

  9. Ann, I was shocked at the wisdom and clarity on that scope.

  10. WOW! The churches who has used our brother will begin to throw him to the wolves soon.

  11. Lord Master Jordan said he caught hell coming from both church culture, black and white, but more so from the white church.

  12. I heard a demonic voice coming from this video!!!!

  13. First of all all the drama in his "teaching" here to correct Carn is a waste!

    B Jordan is an outright false prophet and a liar. His pithy little sayings, though they sound good, are unbiblical and downright silly. "A prophet without a pastor is dangerous"? Says who? This joker?

    Prophecy and Pastoring are gifts of the Spirit, given to the believers by the Spirit as He wills for the edifying of the Body. This is simple biblical truth concerning spiritual gifts as in Ephesians 4 and ICorinthians 12. But this egotistical and prideful son of a gun has aa entire family where his wife and all his children have the “gift of prophecy”. GIVE ME A BREAK. This is UTTERLY INSANE!

    Now this psychopath is convinced because his son left from under his ministry, he can take to some precedence to teach correction about his son’s action, leaning on words by the likes Eddie Long and Apostle Johnny Washington. ARE YOU KDDING ME?!!

    Look…the meaning of prophecy is simple…TO PREDICT as in the OT and NT before we had Scriptures as with AGABUS, but more it means to PROCLAM the TRUTH with Boldness.

    Then this idiot goes on to say “we got to watch that our gifts do not take us in areas where our character can keep us”. WHAT? And his attempt to quote Ephesians 5:3 “let it not be once named among you” in relation to contacting the dead. The verse states “But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints; 4Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.” YET all he did on this video was “FOOLISH TALKING”.

    This imitator of God would lead one to think he has more truth about the gift and practice of prophecy than the Apostle Paul and Jesus Himself. Christ already prophesied the coming of the ages. Paul outlines all the gifts in his writings - their meaning and purpose. What a JOKE this dude!!!

    Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black when talking about “PROHHET Carn”. B Jordan is creepy in a way, and his foretelling and “prophecies” come from a place that’s not the Bible. I would not be surprised if he is in TOUCH with psychics and the DEAD. It is said, if you are familiar with the TRUTH, you can smell and spot a liar from a mile away.


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