The Gathering, Calling The Body Of Christ To A National Solemn Assembly.

Reader, didn't Ruth Graham go home to be with the Lord years ago? If so I don't think she'll be making a "special appearance" at this event, do you? I may come just to see that. Anyhow, Pastor Tony Evans has sent forth a severe call from across the nation for one night together for the first EVER National Solemn Assembly of Christians.  No platform, personality or products will be pushed - just one agenda: To call on God in heaven to intervene and transform the earth.   Over 40, Christian leaders will be there to lead and (at their own expense) to make this a unique moment in our history as the Body of Christ. The National Solemn Assembly. "The Gathering", will bring together SBC folks, Word of Faith, Contemplatives, Anglican Priests, Evangelist and others.

The word on social media is they are promoting unity above sound doctrine which is NOT the message of the New Testament. The Apostle Paul mentioned SOUND Doctrine at least 25 times.  SORRY but their purpose here and their message are neither the Gospel nor the mandate of the church in the earth. It is pure deception.

Reader do you agree?


  1. Miss Ann, I'm thinking that might be Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham, in the flyer above. At least that's what I'm hoping.....

    1. Yes the pic on the flyer is Anne Graham Lotz but the flyer has Ruth Graham name.

  2. That is Anne Graham-Lotz; however, Billy and Ruth Graham also has a daughter name Ruth.

  3. Ann apparently they don't read their Word. As Christians we should NOT be afraid of the world. But allow God to be God. Did He not allow Pharaoh's heart to be harden. All things must happen because His Word can not return to Him void. Just make sure we are right with the Lord, and try and spread His gospel the best way that we know how with the help of His Holy Spirit.


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