Thaddeus Matthews: I Ain't Burying No More Of Your Dead Folk!!!!!!!!

Reader, I stream and follow Mr. Thaddeus Matthew show every night online. Mr. Matthew did a good thing the other day by raising money on the air to pay for the funeral of a fifteen-year-old child that was killed in Memphis a couple of weeks ago.  Now, this particular incident really pissed me off so bad that I had to say something. This kind of behavior among our people is unacceptable and all these ungrateful folks have done is hurt the next family that really needs the help. Mr. Matthew, please don't stop doing good for the community.

Javier Bailey: 
Recently, blogger and broadcast talkshow host, Thaddeus Matthews raised money on the air and through social media for the funeral of the 15 year old young lady killed in Whitehaven by an adult man after an argument. Well Thaddeus not only paid for the funeral , but also purchased large appliances for her family, even though he was not required to do any of this. Now you might have an opinion about the strong nature in which Thaddeus addresses local issues, however it can never be said that he does not take the lead in assisting families in these kinds of situations. However this particular family chose to turn-up and act like fools at the funeral home and the burial. They clowned over the fact that they did not get a certain kind of burial vault. They argued over the fact that Matthews disclosed how much was raised. They fought over other trivial issues, instead of thanking God that somebody thought enough to assist them. It was that family that claimed they had no money to bury this victim. Now I know exactly how Thaddeus must have felt. There were times that I gave away thousands of dollars of cash and services to people who later tried to cash in on a fight between me and Bar officials; instead of saying thank you for helping.
 Lord help us Jesus, this family got a free funeral and they are mad about it.


  1. Folks are a mess, give you a free funeral and you still isn't happy.

    1. Patricia HamiltonTuesday, 29 March, 2016

      Ungrateful a*s people! I really have no words for this family, Can't even help people these days, just sad!!!!!?

  2. Mr. Matthews didn't have to do anything, ungrateful Negros.

  3. I've been following this whole story since this young lady's senseless murder was first reported. I must say it is very tragic all around.

    Say what you will about Mr. Matthews, he provided a great service to this family. If he took the same action for me and my loved ones, you'd best believe I'd be truly grateful.

  4. Yes Ms.Ann they made it hard for the ones that really truly needs help.......just sad.

  5. Even if he cremated this young lady, they shouldn't be mad because THE FAMILY didnt pay for anything. It does something to me because they are ungrateful when they should have been thanking God for letting her get put to rest a great way.

  6. Chrishonda JacksonTuesday, 29 March, 2016

    This is so sad, a stranger had to raise money to bury someone else child, and the negros he help are not even grateful. Just Sad!


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