So Pastor Joel Osteen Is Also A Trump Supporter???

Reader so this video is now floating around of Pastor Joel Osteen giving  kudos to Donald Trump. The question that's being asked is Pastor Joel Osteen like Paula White (New Destiny) endorsing Trump? Who does your shepherd endorse? You can't preach love and endorse hate.

Pastor Joel thinks that a man that will incite his supporters to hit and attack people that protest against his vitriol is a "good man".... NOT!!!  Trump is NOT a good man. He's a heathenistic bigot. He even got into it with the Pope for crying out loud.  He's very disrespectful of anything Godly.


  1. At some point, one just has to thank God for revealing to you who people really are and what their belief system truly is. The Bible says that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. If we will truly listen to people we will learn so much about who people are currently.

    While our humanity leaves room for emotion, too much time lingering in a place of disappointment or anger can be a hindrance. At some point, we just have to say Lord thank you for this information, pray for wisdom and discernment and then move on. Sometimes the things revealed hurt our very hearts but I still believe that God works all things together for the good of those who love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose.

    I am certain more people will continue to speak on this matter and God will reveal to us all that He would have us to know.

    1. I totally AGREE!!! However, to be fair, he really didn't endorse him. He said that he isn't up to speed on what's going on in politics and when the interviewer pushed him, he responded by saying that Trump was an incredible communicator and good at branding. He's still gets the side eye from me, but he didn't actually endorse Trump.

    2. I agree with you, there has been no official endorsement. Trump, however, has been a bit of a bully for a long time and even before this presidential bid. I can't say that I would ever personally say that his style of communication is good. That's just me

    3. Y'all I agree Pastor Joel have not given an official endorsement of Trump....unlike Paula White.

  2. In a lot of ways Osteen is a lot like Trump.

    They talk a good game, and get people excited, but when you examine them closer you realize they have NO CLUE what they are talking about.

  3. Trump does not get my support in any way, shape, or form. The black pastors endorsing this man should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Pastor Joel is a very positive person but I don't agree with him saying Trump is a good person.I see no goodness in Trump.

  5. I want him to clarify his statement. How is Trump a good man? By not sayng anything, it makes one believe you are secretely endorseing this man because he is "friends" to the Ministry at Lakewood. What is that saying about you Pastor Olsteen. Please clarify...I don't want to believe this.

  6. as preachers we're not to make public announcements about who we vote for as political candidates... our job is to preach the Gospel... as Malcolm X said, "Both the democrats and republicans are both feathers of the same bird."

  7. To be honest Ann I don't trust Joel Olsteen

  8. These disgusting big business mega church pastors (Sociopastors) & their creepy wives, should be taxed immediately!

    Also some of these disastrous senators and congressmen that fight tooth and nail to make sure
    tax exempt status is mandatory for all churches should have a spotlight shined right in their shameless faces with The caption: Explain The connection between you and the Olsteens please?

    We (the honest people) should speed the word until it's common knowledge they ( some creepy senators and congressmen) are getting kickbacks from big business churches to keep the tax exempt status for big business mega church's alive.

    True givers have to set limits because true takers have none!


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