Prophet Brian Carn Clap Back!


  1. Haha and I still don't believe in preachers passing out cigarette, go Prophet Carn.

  2. Let's break down his CLAP BACK.

    1: He claims that the events that didn't come true are because he and his followers prayed for them NOT to come to pass.
    The Bible clearly states that if what a prophet says doesn't come to pass he is false prophet and not to be afraid of him. (Deut 18:22)

    2: He hired a Forensic IT team to find out who made the video.
    HELLO, it's a YouTube account! If you don't like it, you can call YOUTUBE and tell them to block it. And it doesn't appear anyone is trying to be Anonymous while posting video. Contact them!!!

    1. Forensic team, it's called trying to save face without any admission of Guilt.

      Sad, he's got folk believing he did nothing wrong.

    2. I think we all forget about Hezekiah in the Bible. How the prophet told him he was going to die. And Hezekiah pleaded with God, and the same Prophet had to go to him and God added 15 years to his life.

  3. Good Morning Ms. Ann if anyone wants to participate in the 48 HR Prayer with Prophet Brian Carn, Kimberly Daniels, Medina Pullings, Mother Dupree and many more.It has been AMAZING since 12am this AM and its still going on. DONT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN IN!!!!!!
    here is the info...


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