Reader everybody is preaching their own truth nowadays. There will always be one standard of truth. Seriously, let’s be honest, and stop deceiving ourselves. First of all, nobody gave a care about Meagan dressing with her breasts out until she started parading herself around with her husband saying they are Christians.

 Meagan Good in my opinion really needs to wean herself off the milk of Gods word and start chewing on the meat of Gods word. Then she'll be able to go deeper into the things of God, without sounding like a new Christian convert, which might I remind y'all she's not. Meagan has been claiming Christianity for a while now.  
A mature Christian woman would've never asked the above question.  Mothers may disagree about the best age at which to wean a baby, but trust they all agree, sooner or later, they are going to have to get their milk elsewhere.

I agree with the following comment:

What Meagan is saying is cute and all, but I can't help but find it odd that she's so gung-ho for promoting one part of the bible that is clearly rooted in patriarchy (the whole,"keep your legs closed till married" thing) but wants to act oh so offended by another part of it.The fact is that the bible (as well as the god she claims to believe in) has always tied modesty and sexual purity together. She needs to accept this and let it go.

Even Hindu, Buddhist dey save themselves for marriage. Meagan knows she’s wrong, her guilty conscience is killing her. And many Christian women dress sexy and nice without showcasing their butt and breasts. So, stop the whole nonsense of oh I don’t want to dress like deeper life.

She’s always dressed that way which is what made her the “sex symbol”. However, don’t claim something and not deal with what comes with it. If you call yourself a Christian the expectation is to try to live by the biblical standard. To constantly dress with your breasts falling out, then your husband(who claims to be a Christian leader) is in full support of it. It’s unbiblical. Yes, you are a grown woman, do whatever you want with your body. Then maybe you should deal with your conflict first before going around to speak on Christian forums. So, you won’t get defensive when you are criticized.


  1. Great article. It is time for Meagan and her husband to stop defending this behavior. A Christian woman should represent her faith with her appearance as well as her beliefs. There are so many Scriptures in the Bible that scholars and lay people have debated about for many centuries, but this topic is too simplistic to give such a huge platform for discussion. There is no way to say it but to say it,"Put some clothes on!"


  3. Well let's go back to the beginning didn't Eve get Adam trouble. How about Delilah with Sampson. How about David he wanted Basheba he had her husband killed so he could have her. God created us so that a man would not just find us beautiful and desirable but to love us and care for us. Each of these men paid a price for lust and not choosing wisely. I love philosophical questions keep them coming.

  4. I feel its both to blame! You should present yourself in a respectable way! The most precious gems are hidden and they are worth alot more! Respect yourself and men need to also have respect for woman!

  5. "Be in the world but not of the world..." all of this trying to be saved & sexy stuff has to stop...

  6. Nothing wrong admiring a woman who's attractive, but if she's dressing like a whore/stripper/slut she's doing this on her own accord. Don't play Miss innocent games.


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