Lord Have Mercy Up and Coming Civil Rights Leader Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant Have Just Endorsed Sen.Bernie Sanders For President?!?!??!

Reader, up and coming civil rights leader Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant has thrown his full support behind Senator Bernie Sanders. (Check out the Soundcloud below) In  my opinion Pastor Bryant, truly didn't have to endorse anyone, I hope no one pressured him in doing so. But since he has I respect his decision, even if it is not in line with my chosen candidate.   Wishing both candidates the best perhaps should have been his best response. Just my thought.


  1. Let me guess..I guess the only candidate, the right candidate
    BLACK preachers endorse is Hillary Clinton. After all, to endorse any other candidates as ministers of the gospel is just so ungodly and against scriptures.

  2. Thank you Pastor Jamal Bryant for your insightful endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders for President!!!!

  3. Not feeling the Bern.. Bunches of undeliverable promises. Free college is not going to happen. College is Still a business. Health care is a Business not a right.

  4. Folks don't read about what these presidential candidates stand for. Berrnie Sanders is a supporter of LGBT rights and has voted against DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) back in 1996. He is also a full 100% supporter of pro-choice (abortion). Read my people READ, READ, & READ some more!!! Do your research!!!

  5. In our country, during this time in history it is my belief that most candidates will support LGBT rights along with pro-choice laws. The ones who claim to love life, stand up as pro-life seem to care only about lives being saved in the womb while hating many of those who see life on Earth. It is difficult to sit and witness all these politicians claiming evangelical Christian beliefs in one breath and hating all manner of people in the next breath.

    I don't see any evidence that a Christian, fully willing and strong enough to stand on the Bible will ever make in politics in a big way. It also saddens me that the ones who pander to Christians often don't do so from a place of authenticity. I do not care if you proclaim from the mountain tops a pro-life belief system if everything about you tells a story of hatred. I would rather a politician stand up for LGBT folks, all folks Black, Brown, White, Other, than one who hates all folks.

    We spend so much time focusing on homosexuality and I know what the Bible says about it. But what about the other sins the Bible references like fornication, adultery, being a liar or thief? What about the murder of folks we do with our tongues? Jesus came for every single one of our sins....while we were yet sinners Christ died.

    Hatred of people, any people, is not Christian. We are to hate the sin...not the sinner. We seem to as Christians want to spend all our time hating homosexuals but we will forgive the fornicator, easily quickly and without hesitation.

    God our savior would have that all men be saved.

  6. Don't be fooled Bernie has agenda as well.

  7. I agree with Anonymous #3, and Rendeezil, all candidates have an agenda; therefore, all are liers, until they are elected to the presidential platform, then the truth comes out. It has been my practice, to read, read, and read, but I don't believe there are any candidates that's going to campaign for all of our christian beliefs or otherwise. Therefore, it is of "my opion only" to reseach the candidates that campaign for issues we are most passionate about, and of course be prayerful then cast our vote. I believe prayer should be upfront and center, just because a candidate campaign on a particular issue, doesn't mean that this is their belief...so in additon to read, read, and read, one should incorporate, pray, pray, and pray

  8. sadly, many are voting for Hillary Clinton whose politics are just damning to the African American community... at this stage in the game, it really doesn't matter what candidate they put in front of us, they're all paid for by the same corporations...


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