Israel Houghton 'Loses Job As Worship Leader At Lakewood Church'!

Reader how in the world do you get released from Pastor Joel Osteen's church?  Word on the street is Israel Houghton, has been removed from his five-year position as a minister from Lakewood Church amid cheating rumors. has learned Houghton, 44, worked as a minister at Lakewood Church as far back as 2011. But recently, Radar reported, he was mysteriously wiped from the website. A rep for the church confirmed to Radar that he is no longer part of the fold after announcing his divorce amid cheating rumors in February.  I love Israel Houghton and his music. He’s done so much for the body of Christ. I read a few inspiring stories about how his mom nearly aborted him due to the circumstances of his birth.

Update: Lakewood: Israel Houghton is still part of the family


  1. I have to comment on this in 3 parts

    Israel lost has marriage of 20 years, his job and any kind of reputation he may have had, all because of a side chick. A woman who LESS THAN A YEAR AGO WAS ENGAGED TO HIS "NOW" FORMER FRIEND.

    That's some Jerry Springer type behavior.

    I can't see ANY WOMAN (WHOS NOT YOUR WIFE) being worth all that.

    The real head line should be "Joel Osteen's church actually took action against a sinful lifestyle"

    Joel Osteen rarely says anything bad about sin. In fact he admits to not talking about sin, hell or ANYTHING THAT HE VIEWS as negative in his church.

    I am sure if they questioned Joel about Israel he would say something like, "Israel was just more of a "people person" and we allowed him to pursue that endeavor".
    Translation: YOUR FIRED!!!

    Kirk Franklin, MARY MARY, James Fortune, Leandria Johnson and Now Israel.
    Theses so called GOSPEL ARTIST are being revealed one by one. And as soon as they are found out they all want to jump on the DONT JUDGE ME TRAIN.

    I am starting to believe that they could careless about the gospel and living a life worthy of God, but they are just talented musicians that want to make some money off the saints.

    1. Cop, you're right, they don't care about Jesus or the Church... all they care about is the fame and fortunes they are gaining from the Gospel... don't forget to throw Detrick Haddon in there, he's another one that's fleecing the Church...

    2. "Adrienne is a woman of integrity & character..." Really?? She dresses like a whore.

  2. Good.. and Joel needs counseling himself!

  3. Here are lyrics from one of my oldschool Commissioned favorite songs. Lyrics that aren't produced anymore today: Only What You Do For Christ Will Last - Commissioned, "Only what you do for Christ will last."

    Success has deceived the world today
    Even in the church so many's gone astray
    We're living in a world of fantasy
    Blinded by the pleasures of this high society

    Fame and fortune is their reward
    They don't know that man's glory
    Last for a season They must know
    What comes up must come down
    Except when the Lord takes you on higher ground

    Only what you do for Jesus Christ will last
    Everything else will fade
    Like the future becomes the past
    Only what you do for Jesus Christ will last
    Everything else will fade
    Like the future becomes they past

    They've got to know
    they must know
    Only what you do for Christ will last

    Many dream their dreams
    And set their minds
    To reach their goals
    What will it profit a man
    To gain this world
    And lose his soul
    Although they're times
    Where people are forced to compromise
    But in the end
    They know they're really never satisified

    They've got to know
    The world only gives
    Guarantees that will not last
    Knowing that who holds the future
    and the present or the past
    On Christ the Rock you must stand
    For the ground where you are standing
    Is nothing but sinking sand

    Only what you for Jesus Christ will last

  4. They are saying he stepped down himself

  5. Lakewood released a statement that he is on "indefinite leave" and that he was still a part of the Lakewood family. He was not fired.

    1. It looks like the church is doing a little back peddling to me.

  6. J O Ministries will protect their brand. His image IS his ministry. Don't let the baby face fool He cannot have any negativity associated with his name.

  7. This little heifer Adrienne was having an affair with Israel while he was still married to his wife. Their affair was one of the causes of his divorce, and why she called off her engagement. He has betrayed the trust of the Lakewood congregation in him. He worked there and he ministered there, and when you are ministering the WORD but not following it yourself. That is a betrayal to the people of Lakewood.


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