Gospel Artists James Fortune Has Asked At This Time For Nothing More Than Our Prayer.

Reader, let's all pray for this brother, his wife and his family. James Fortune tried hard yesterday to do a periscope but became too emotional overwhelm that he could not finish the scope..... my prayers are with this brother.

James Fortune Facebook:
I want to make a public apology to my family, friends, and supporters for not being above reproach. Please pray that during this process God continues to perfect and restore me so that I become a better man, Father and Christian. Despite the accusations and media embellishments, I am not a supporter of domestic violence. I do take full responsibility for my participation in the altercation and have been seeking out spiritual and professional guidance to improve my anger management and emotional discipline for over a year now and will continue to do so. Thank you for your continued prayers.


  1. I will pray for him.

    I would have more sympathy for him if he STOPPED coming out with "RESTORATION"concerts,
    Or his latest "Drop that Stone" event.

    James is no different then any other domestic abuser.
    He wants to apply some deep heart felt sorrows for his actions, label "HIMSELF" cured, and then go back to life as usual.

    He SHOULD BE GIVING "THANK you GOD" and "God Bless the courts" concerts for never really giving him the punishment he deserved (which is extended jail time) for EITHER domestic incident.

    He needs to stop putting out statements,
    Stop naming his concerts as an ode to his recovery,
    treat his counseling sessions like church.

    1. Ok my opinion on James Fortune is this...While I don't agree with what he has done and I, too, dealt with Domestic Violence with my youngest sons father, this is a very SERIOUS issue. And the comments that I have seen from you oh so deep and holy, are mind boggling to say the least. We ALL being human beings have been born into SIN. Even if we don't ACT on it, we still have thoughts that are sinful in nature. We say things that are sinful in nature about others, and we play both JUDGE AND JURY. Smh FUNNY HOW WE HAVE 20/20 vision into someone else's mess and be Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder to our own shenanigans. As men and women of God, we are to RESTORE our brothers and sisters when they fall. NOBODY DOES THIS ANYMORE!! None of us are immune to sin. You can look at somebody with lust in your eyes and it be a sin. So what should we be doing for James Fortune right now? PRAYING!! That's it. Nothing else matters at this point. Nothing else can HELP him at this point, but PRAYER. So if you say you BELIEVE in GOD, and what He CAN do, than use your FAITH to PRAY that God will get the Glory out of this situation. He is still working this out for Jame's good. LIVE THRU IT, I BELIEVE, and YOU SURVIVED was for THIS moment in his life. Those songs have gotten me thru some rough times in my own life. So for you DEEP folk, your ignorance should concern you if you really read your Bible. I'm just saying. NO!! I don't have it all together either and even I need PRAYER, but I know enough about GOD at this point to know that I'm NOT to kick my sisters and brothers while they are down, but to PRAY for them. I really wanted to go in on y'all, but the GOD in me wouldn't let me be messy with my words. I am not where I should be, but I'm NOT a lot of what I use to be, because somebody PRAYED for me. Good day!!

    2. Nah, Pastor Smith...YOU WRONG!

    3. Pastor Smith, I'm sorry but I disagree with you. Yes, we should pray for James Fortune, but as Christians we can't be afraid to speak up against moral and spiritual wrongs – as our silence would be sinful. Proverbs 31:9 "Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy."

      Ignore it and it will go away or pray it away seem to be the tactic that some Christians have adopted when it comes to false prophets, heretical theology, and phony miracles. Many Christians simply turn a blind eye to the corruption in their midst, assuming that they can just pray it away.

      But that’s not the biblical pattern for dealing with sin in the church. In fact, it directly contradicts the apostle Paul’s instructions for dealing with false converts and professing believers whose sin is corrupting the church. To the church at Ephesus he wrote, “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them” (Ephesians 5:11).

      Our Christian responsibility goes beyond abstaining from sin. We are also called to expose it. To ignore evil is to encourage it, and to keep quiet about it is to help promote it.

    4. Amen Anonymous...unlike Pastor Smith, You are on point...

    5. I agree with Pastor Smith. I was the one that judged this man. But, I got a chance to meet with him and I felt his heart and heard his repentance. We all fall, even his wife ask for the judge to go light on his case. Now if his wife can forgive, then why are we not forgivable and we weren't even on the the receiving end. This is why Jesus said the greatest commandment is love. If he has admitted to his faults then I am happy for him because that let's me know he doesn't belong to satan. Let's pray for him so domestic violence can be broken out of the giver and the receivers lives.

    6. All I'm going to say is pray for a discerning spirit, because the enemy is very deceptive and manipulative!! His wife defending him just tells me that she is one of the many battered women out here who suffer from battered woman's syndrome; where they stay & protect their abusers. Let's pray for her mental recovery and strength. As for him, he needs to seek professional help!!

  2. I'm sorry but it seems like this man is feeling sorry for himself. Everybody has issues and hurts from the past. It seems like many gospel artists seek to fill the voids in their hearts with fame, money and publicity. Only Jesus can heal our hearts and fill the voids. Step back from the public eye and social media seek the Lord and get healed.
    Another thing I've noticed is that whenever a gospelartist, bishop/pastor, prophet etc. falls in sin we are asked to pray for them and that is good. But what about the victims? What about the men, women and children who are suffering from the actions of these people, are they not important because they are not famous?

  3. Amazing...now he's been indicted publically, he's asking for prayer. Should have been asking for prayer and seeking counsel while he was in the midst of his test of rage - THE VERY first time he laid hands on that woman.

    These folks are all about show. They talk about "relationship", but fail to examine themselves to see if they are really of the faith. They neglect to have patience when going through their trials. They waver in their faith, and forsake to seek God for wisdom. They refuse to die daily to be conformed into the image of His Son. All that singing and shouting like the typical black gospel artist does, is only a shell, many use to hide behind that will eventually crack under the slightest of pressure.

    1. When I say nothing but the truth.I mean exactly that TRUTH.That's the only thing that will make a person free. Anonymous the holy spirit is speaking through you.

    2. Thanks Anonymous...I just quoted straight from the Bible. Most of these black gospel artists probably don't even take the time to read God's word, something we should do practically everyday. You ask them "who is Moses' mother?" and I bet most of then could not tell you her name. All they are concerned about is writing songs, doing music, and getting a group together, or maybe for sure putting together a concert knowing they'll get paid out. These people are not ministers. Even their songs are of the bubble gum variety. The lyrics are so trite, it's like a child wrote them. It's no surprise to me you have Kirk losing his religion and this dude beating his wife. Fortune probably knows nothing about the verse "a soft answer turns away wrath". This verse should serve as his conviction, not his own pitiful sorrow. When you do Christianity the wrong way, expect the wrong results. This goes for any of us. The way of a transgressor is hard.I am convinced these people are not Christian anyways.

  4. Can he just show a little humility and sit in silence for a while!! Geesh!! its just all about him!! The more he speaks the more turned off I get. He needs to sit down and repent.

  5. Johnson WilliamFriday, 11 March, 2016

    Ok, I'll call it! We tend to become silent and awkward on this topic like racism! James Fortune, the gospel recording artist is an abuser. He abused his wife this week and burned over 40% of his stepchild's body awhile ago! (Some will ask, why did she stay after he did that to her child; that's another post) He received probation which is a slap in the face to those he abused. I viewed responses about the abuse and I was taken aback by the support given to him and not the wife. Here it is: we must stop making excuses for African American pastors/leaders/singers who abuse their power by demeaning others! Patriarchy, misogyny and abuse have become acceptable. Domestic violence amongst our leaders are real in the African American church and we must refrain from being silent. It is unacceptable! I am not concerned about how well he can sing, because those words mean nothing if it is not lived out in his daily walk. We must learn to pray for people and hold them accountable at the same time!

  6. Here is my comment. I'm not his judge or jury. The truth of GOD will prevail. YET!!!! It maybe time for him to sit down from his music ministry for a period. GOD's word is clear on how he should treat his wife!

  7. Yes, let us pray that somehow he gets sent to prison! Hopefully the prosecutor's will try him on another charge. Let us not forget this is the same James Fortune that BOILED his step-son (his wife's child) in boiling water. Then arrogantly mocked his step-son & his wife's baby daddy when they attempted to get funds from Fortune via a lawsuit; which were most likely funds for the medical & psychological care that the child will need for the rest of his life! Fortune's actual FORTUNE & fame is at-risk which is probably why he's seeking prayer publicly for himself instead of his victims. The irony is that the wife allowed this man to BOIL her own son and did not defend the child, and now her bones are broken by the same man that she chose to protect. Well, look at God! Nope, let's look at reaping what you sew, or the consequences of our actions. They are both child abusers. But this whole "let's pray" and that's it, has got to end in the church. Yes, satan provokes people to sin but every man is tempted when he is driven away by his own lusts. What about submit yourself unto God, resist the devil, and he will flee? We need to pray that people stop supporting Fortune's music & engagements. God's love is unconditional, but there are conditions to be in fellowship with Him. But with fans of singers, anything goes. Just keep "praying" so that you can keep listening to Fortune's music without conscience or accountability. Most likely this thing being exposed is the answer to prayers, or could it be a consequence of sin? That I wont judge. But people serve more time for stealing a piece of gum for bad breath than this man served for boiling a child & breaking his wife's bones. Judge that; I dare you.

  8. HiPaula,
    No is competent to judge another,If your video on one of the presidential candidate is true,I will humbly wish to ask if you would as a 'religious'also welcome,accept and endorse the 2nd candidate?


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