Church Seeking Keyboardist & A Worship Leader/Singer!

Reader, I guess I am so out of the loop that it's not even funny. I cringe whenever I see the church advertising for worship leader and singers on Craigslist.

 Our church is in need of a keyboardist and a singer that is able to lead praise and worship services. We are seeking a musician that can play for our worship services on Sundays at 11 am. Seeking someone that can play by ear, able to flow with our praise & worship team, able to pick up on songs easily and back up the preacher when needed. You don't have to be an expert, just know how to carry a service. We sing contemporary & some traditional music. Seeking a worship leader that is able to sing 3-4 songs to open up praise and worship services. We are looking for someone that is dependable and able to be on time. We have equipment available if needed. We have a Yamaha motif es7. We are paying Keyboardist-$175.00 and Worship leader-$75.00 a Sunday. We are seeking someone long term that is able to grow with our ministry.If you are available to render music for our worship services.


  1. I'll say this. Yes, I've responded to these postings. Was it evil for me to respond? Personally I don't think it was. It's more on I needed to be careful of the church. I messed up and responded to one posting, got to church that morning, Pastor cursing and calling his members ni#@*%gas. Yep. Uh, I was outta there. Had one church call me and he said, our church is progressive. He ask, me what do I believe. Lol I said Jesus, the Bible only. Then this joker goes, I must let you know our pastor is homosexual. lol. Told him on the phone, thx but not thx. Thank God I believe my wife and I have found a WORD church home. I guess you're saying that some churches get desperate and go this route by posting? has job posting for church jobs too. Well again, I must say we must be lead by the God if this is the route a church goes. Is it 100% wrong? I will say this that every church that post needs to have a requirement of the musician must be saved. It's a trip that they don't.

  2. I found the church I play for now on Craigslist, I been rocking with them for about 5 years. Wouldn't change anything about my Craigslist experience.

  3. If you still need keyboardist am very available if you need my service you can send the church address or your phone number shalom.

    1. if you are still looking for a church to play for please contact me at


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