Woman Suing Mega Church For Not Paying Her Hush Money For Alleged Affair With Pastor!

Reader another conservative “Christian” hypocrite gets exposed and you’ll enjoy the hilarious twist at the end. A female parishioner at the Orlando Baptist Church in Florida forced Pastor David Janney to step down in disgrace after she revealed through a lawsuit that he had an affair with her and promised her hush money to stay quiet about it.

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  1. Cop has questions.

    How does a person SUE anybody for NOT PAYING A BRIBE?

    The CHURCH LEADERS agreed to pay her to keep quiet because they said, "She had a religious duty to protect Pastor Janney"?!?!

    So these leaders have no problem COVERING UP THE SINS OF THE PASTOR for what they call RELIGIOUS DUTY(whatever that is)???

    Foolishness on ALL SIDES.

  2. Are there any REAL godly preachers that aren't whore mongers ?

    The church is a horrible mess.

    1. There are thousands. The media only concentrates on the Bad ones.


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